What a Way to Start the Day

baking croissants 191607 tnsToday, Key Stage 2 families continued to show their support for the school with a very civilised yet vibrant first-meal-of-the-day in the hall. As well as the warm pastries, cereals and toast, Big Breakfast patrons feasted on some of the early learning outcomes that Key Stage 2 have produced this term.

 Many thanks to the families who dined with us and to the teachers, teaching assistants and the office team for their 'silver service'.

But, of course, special thanks must go to Mrs Haywood and her crew for all of their hard work in organising and bouncing back from the event!

Our very own Key Stage 1 (working overtime!) Miss Fisher was busy snapping away during the event but unfortunately our hall lighting turned every photo the colour of Lucozade... hence the black and white snaps. Enjoy!