What is a Blue Coat 'Star Achiever'?

tn-screen-captureThose of you who haven't seen the website's Hall of Fame, or are lucky to get so much as a muffled grunt when you ask the question "How was school today?", might not know what we're talking about when it comes to Blue Coat's Star Achievers. Let us clarify things...

Every Friday, rarely without fail, we have our 'Celebration Assembly' at the end of the day. The format is roughly the same each week:

  • Out-Of-School Achievers ~ any child can stand on the stage at the front of the hall and tell the entire school what they have achieved in their leisure time
  • Individual notable achievements ~ usually reserved to unique achievements such as music gradings, national competition prizes etc 
  • Gold Mathletes ~ children who have been through the marathon of earning a gallery of Bronze and Silver certificates over a large number of weeks to reach the ultimate goal of a Mathletics Gold Medal. Rarer than hen's teeth -  this is a big deal!
  • Star Achievers (see below)
  • Star Attenders ~ recognition is given to the top 3 best attending classes of the week and a point is awarded to the class with the highest attendance % that week.
  • House points tally ~ points awarded by teachers are tallied for each house in the school and the results reveal the winning house.

Since this is an achievement/celebration assembly then we often have children exhibiting their talents within the worship such as instrument playing, dancing etc. And once a term, at the end of term, we award the FA Cup (although it's not exactly a cup; it's an award for a child who has accomplished significantly within both Friendship & Achievement as voted by the staff team).

The 'Star Achievers' selection is a real honour. Not every child automatically gets picked as children have to achieve something significant in class to make an impression on their teacher. The class teachers consider a huge range of criteria such as the 5R's of Learning Behaviour (Resilience, Resourcefulness, Readiness, Responsibility and Reflectiveness), social interaction, emotional development, academic progress in subjects, citizenship etc.

In the assembly we display the carousel, as seen below, up on our white screen and the teachers take it in turns to congratulate their nominated Star Achiever of the week and tell the rest of the school why they're so special.

So, if your child comes home and tells you that they're a 'Star Achiever' now you know and you can make as much of a fuss as we do! 

New Star Achievers appear on the school's Hall of Fame every week (apart from on Class Assembly Fridays) and previous weeks are archived in web links so that the children can remember their achievement and the rest of the world with an internet connection can see!

Week 1 Star Achievers Blue Coat 2012-13