The Queen (of) Speech!

Today, Cam Hopton Primary School kindly invited Blue Coat Pupils to a Year 6 Debate competition centred on the topical issue of 'Is Technology Bad for You?'

As Year 6 enjoy the fruits that Morfa Bay has to offer, we asked for some flexibility when considering whether a selection of our articulate Year 5's could represent the school. Thankfully Leo, Anna and Emily were able to step up to the podium today, rubbing shoulders with some heavyweight Year 6 counterparts who are currently in their 'sunset days' of primary school.

The children more than impressed. Drawing on a toolkit of techniques such as audience participation, rhetorical questions, visual prompts and humour the trio put forward a wide range of very compelling and well thought out arguments, each individual in style and content.

In the end there could only be one winner and one special mention; competition was tough and it was up to the town's mayor and a secondary school colleague to decide.

I am extremely proud to tell you that Anna G took home the competition's Champion Speaker award; a fantastic achievement from someone so young! Well done, Anna - you were brilliant.

I am equally proud to be Emily and Leo's headteacher who were also simply outstanding. 

Huge thanks to Cam Hopton Primary for your hospitality in a very well organised and valuable event. Maybe Blue Coat will be able to accommodate the competition in subsequent years.

Hopefully, the Gazette will run a feature with photos soon.

Hear the speeches in full below:

Leo's Speech:

Emily's Speech:

Anna's Speech: