BBC Make a Beeline for Blue Coat's Class Blogs!

We're all very proud of the Blue Coat class blogs. The effort and creativity that our children put into posting on them has brought them to life ever since teachers have worked hard to bring them into the fore of homework and literacy, in particular.

So, it made me especially proud to have been contacted by David Smith - a presenter for BBC Gloucestershire Radio. He has been running a feature programme on blogging and looking at their versatility and uses within the Gloucestershire region. Through use of Google search engines he embarked upon the school's website - high praise indeed when considering the number of people who are blogging these days!

Eager to find out more, David came into school last week to chat to staff and pupils about the Blue Coat blogs and their value on our children's education. 

Please check out the link to listen to what he found out!

Blue Coat Blogging on BBC Gloucestershire Radio