Lovely Jub-i-lee: The Key Stage 1 Legacy Art Project

As some of the Key Stage 1 parents might've heard from their children, and even spotted in the playground last week, we had an artist (Steve Porter) who came in and worked with all of our children from Reception to Year 2. The project? Well, we felt our school hall could do with brightening up a bit and we felt that children from Key Stage 1 and the Early Years would be up for a challenge! As the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching we thought it would present a perfect opportunity for our youngest learners to produce a real legacy piece which outlines the 6 decades of the Queen's reign.

Mrs Davies, the school's Art Leader, worked tirelessly on a concept which would tie up the historical event but also incorporate elements of the Wotton area, with some famous landmarks, the evolving school buildings and, of course, the postcard-perfect local green hills!

For the art oriented out there, and those who are interested, the children dabbled with acrylic paints, building the mural up in layers, starting with the sky, the land and then moving to the finer details in each. I think you will admit that the (almost) end product in the last slide below is quite stunning when viewed as a 6-piece set. We hope for this 'panoramic journey' through Wotton and time to feature as one long piece across the top of our hall. Naturally, we will invite parents for a grand opening to view it next term, after it has proudly featured next weekend in the Wotton 'Under the Edge Arts' exhibition. Perhaps this could be an occasion for our very next Big Breakfast? We hope you'll join us to toast the occasion - no pun intended! 

A special thanks to all of the children for creating such a magnificent piece of art which will be admired by parents, pupils and visitors for years to come. Also, thanks to Mrs Davies for her hard work, inspiration, devotion and talent! Finally, thanks must also go to Steve Porter for providing the children with a valuable and memorable art experience at Blue Coat.

Here's a few snaps from the 2-day event to whet your appetites (more are featured on the Class Spain blog!)