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07 Dec 2020 01:38pm

All schools have been informed by the Government that a 6-day window has been identified (after the final day of teaching) in which schools should remain contactable so that we can assist with contact tracing.  As such we would like to communicate the following information with you.

  • The school has created a designated email address for families reporting a positive case of COVID-19.  This is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This will be checked between 9am and 10am up to the 24th of December. 
  • You must inform the school of any confirmed cases if symptoms developed within 48 hours of last being in school, through this email address.
  • Should a child test positive within 48 hours of being in school but be asymptomatic, you must also inform the school through the email address.
  • Where a pupil tests positive for COVID-19, having developed symptoms more than 48 hours from last being in school, the school should not be notified.  Parents and carers should then follow contact tracing instructions provided by the NHS.
Of course, we hope that there are no new cases over the Christmas break but it is important that the school is notified in such circumstances.
05 Oct 2020 04:28pm

SEND Teaching Assistant x 2

Fixed Term Contract (Linked to EHCP)

7 hours plus 40 minutes per week, term time only/20 hours plus 30 minutes per week, term time only.

02 Jul 2020 12:40pm


We are looking for a friendly person who is passionate about supporting young people to join Blue Coat’s Play Team.

Key tasks include working within a high quality outdoor environment to offer active, social and creative play opportunities for all Blue Coat children at lunch time, plus working with our catering team to ensure that everyone gets their lunch on time.

24 Mar 2020 10:16am
Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),
Today, we have opened our doors to families of vulnerable pupils and key workers. 
We appreciate the conscious efforts you have made to make childcare arrangements at home wherever possible. This is the safest place for your child at this time. However, some don't have this option and this is where you can rely on the school's support.
Many families communicated the desire for an option of childcare to remain open should their critical roles change in coming days or weeks. This is, of course, the case and we only require that you communicate with us should this happen. Ideally, you would always use the ParentMail app (as school phones cannot always be managed during these periods) to notify us in advance so as to arrange staffing, but we appreciate that this won't always be practical. In these instances, just bring them to school with a labelled water bottle and we will work with you. School will be open from8am - 6pm (or until the last child leaves) daily until further notice.
Similarly, should you not require your regular childcare arrangement on any given day then please would you notify the school as you would usually so that we can account for them in our daily registration procedure and catering arrangements.
Thank you and please stay safe in your roles and in your homes.
Mark Ryan
18 Mar 2020 12:55pm

2015 01 06 10.22.01 amIt's not always easy to find suitable learning for your child on the internet. Under the current circumstances in which many children are at home, we have offered a 'first go' at some useful sites that can help your child continue to learn online.

However, please remind your child to have regular EYE BREAKS and to STAY SAFE online by closing and reporting any pages to you that they think could be unsafe or not meant for them.

Please check back on this article as we will add more teacher recommendations over coming days:

05 Mar 2020 05:16pm

2020 03 05 05.15.22 pmEvery year, World Book Day brings phenomenal support at Blue Coat. This year was no exception. The children (and staff!) dressed to the nines to express the characters from books that they love. It wasn't enough to just dress up... everyone then was expected to share their characters with the rest of the school in a mornign parade around our school hall!

10 Feb 2020 09:26am

thumbnail image0The school has joined the local community in the Window Wanderland transformation of Wotton. The principle behind the project is to get people out and about of an evening to marvel at the creativity of window displays throughout the community.

We're lucky enough to have some creative 'dab hands' on staff, so Mrs Murray, Mrs Wallace, Miss Cole and Mrs Forman set to work to transform the front windows of our school building into a child-centred masterpiece. The materials were produced by our pupils with Miss Cole's Art Club, in particular, making significant contributions to the artwork. Well done, everyone!

03 Feb 2020 10:10am

2020 02 03 09.52.29 amPupil voice is an important dimension to any school. At Blue Coat, we have the pupil-selected Future Leaders who represent the pupil body and engage in specific project work and marketing of our school. We also have other opportunities for children to have their say...

Play assemblies every fortnight puts the power of play back in the children's hands as they shape what and how 'Platinum Play' at Blue Coat looks and feels like. In the past, this has yielded the children's own Football Charter in which they determined what fair and fun football is at Blue Coat, expecting everyone to respect and follow the behaviours outlined within.

13 Jan 2020 02:36pm

imagesWe are proud to top this year's Real School's Guide ranked list for 'Best Primary School in Gloucestershire'!

This relatively recent way of ranking schools comprehensively considers 45 different data points in arriving at the school's 5-star judgement. It then compares this with all other state-funded schools in the county and decides 'Best Primary School' each year.

09 Jan 2020 08:17am

imagesIt remains a challenge to try to ensure that young people are safe online as apps and technology continue to evolve at ever-increasing rates. One of the fastest growing social media trends amongst this peer group comes in the form of video-based app TikTok. It may well be that your child has already downloaded it and is using it on their devices. The following offers some information for parents and some precautions to ensure that children using the app retain their online safety (information from