Learners of The Future

Blue Coat's pupils are being prepared for their futures. Every decision we take is with this in mind. For that matter, 'Learning about Learning' is one of the four pillars of our school vision. This means that we prepare children in the what to learn.... but also in the how to learn, so as to thrive in uncertain futures. 

19 11 07 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 13 56 43But what could this future hold?

Current trends point towards a future where over-population is imminent due to rising life expectancies and quality of living in developing countries. Species extinction and climate change threatens as human living continues to have a growing impact on the natural world. Technology will evolve at an ever-increasing rate bringing about such advances as the Internet of Things, Nanotechnology (and its implications for Medicine) and, of course, Artificial Intelligence. Although the world is becoming a 'smaller' place due to communications technology and a global workplace, trends in nationalism could create harder boundaries than those seen in recent times.  

Of course, there are opportunities as well as threats that come with this future. There are multiple dimensions to each of these future issues, whether they have implications for employment, health and wellbeing, relationships, wealth, personal fulfillment etc. We are in the business of trying to prepare pupils to solve problems and capitalise on situations that don't yet exist and possibly can't even be predicted.

How do we do this?

We believe that we do so through the personal empowerment of our pupils. Quite simply, this means empowering and enabling young people to make better informed decisions about all aspects of their lives so as to become pro-active, critical, confident and independent in their thinking and decision-making. This has to be matched by a values education that enables every young person to develop a strong moral compass and a desire to 'do the right thing', not just act in the interests of self.

If we achieve this then pupils are inspired, equipped and prepared for a lifetime of continual self-improvement - the very essence of lifelong and sustainable learning.

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