Academic Excellence

19 11 07 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 13 37 40Blue Coat has a track record of its pupils achieving some of the highest
standards in UK education by the time they leave our school.

The school regularly appears in or around the Top 10 in Gloucestershire for the National Performance Tables when considering the number of children who leave with the Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths. Additionally, more than double the proportion of children typically leave with the Highest Standard when compared with national peers.

As well as attaining highly, Blue Coat pupils regularly make progress that is 'well above' or 'above' that of their national peers in both English and Maths. This means that, given their starting points, they typically achieve beyond what most children across the country do with the same starting points.

21st Century Learners

Blue Coat teaching promotes the development of children as active learners. As children progress through the school they take increasing responsibility for what and how they learn. Key learning behaviours such as listening, resourcefulness, curiosity, determination, resourcefulness, reflectiveness are developed in children and tracked by teachers as part of each child's individual assessment profile. Parents receive regular reports on the progress children are making in these behaviours so as to affect them at home. Leaders challenge the progress of these behaviours and work alongside teachers to further promote them in classrooms.

As a result of this focus, Blue Coat learners manifest many of these learning traits at impressive levels. This allows them to have successful transitions to both successful local secondary schools or grammar schools further afield. Blue Coat pupils thrive in their secondary educations and we receive regular updates on how they are progressing academically, in sport, music, arts and more. Beyond this, we learn that former pupils have managed to achieve places at Russell Group universities, including Oxford/Cambridge, and have achieved successful starts to their early careers. 

We don't underestimate the importance of early education foundations and are focussed on ensuring every child has the attributes that will equip them to face and succeed in their futures, whatever direction they choose to take.

Responsible Global Citizens

Our pupils learn as much about what it means to be a good person as they do a good learner. To a large extent, we believe there is a lot of shared ground
when nurturing responsible learners who help others to thrive and achieve 19 10 11 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 11 22 33whilst excelling themselves. 

Blue Coat pupils participate in a school curriculum which is rich in reflective thought and social action. They learn to consider how their behaviours can impact on others, not just in this country but all over the world. Whether it is learning about how they can contribute to a sustainable planet, conserve wildlife, tackle injustice or contribute to the happiness of those around them on a daily basis, the children develop a strong moral compass that is central to making decent and informed decisions on how they live their lives now and into the future.

Our school buddy system is testament to this where Year 6 children induct and nurture a designated Reception child into our school community for their first year. They receive widespread recognition and praise for their kindness, responsibility and trust by parents, staff and members of our local community.

Blue Coat children regularly receive recognition for their positive relationships and behaviour by visitors, inspectors, parents, school trip facilitators and agency teaching staff. They are seen to be living out our core Christian values of Respect, Responsibility, Creativity and Happiness both in and out of the school environment.

Pupils regularly make fundraising efforts for charitable causes, finding their own innovative ways and ideas to contribute. This has involved children in school, for example, setting up Children In Need stalls... or small groups and individuals independently thinking up ideas for sponsorships, street stalls or school-wide initiatives (March for Water). In recent months, our children have directly supported charities of The Food Bank, Sponsor a Bed, Shelter, Water Aid, Comic Relief, WWF, Dementia UK, RSPCA, Royal British Legion, Christian Aid, WEBOX Albania and many more.

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