Our Bespoke School Curriculum

Any school serious about living and achieving their vision must ensure that the school curriculum delivers it.

This is the intent and design behind the Blue Coat school curriculum:


Working out from the centre, we believe that Future Ready learners are empowered people who are willing and able to make better decisions in all aspects of their learning and lives. This brings together two important dimensions that we focus on developing in Blue Coat pupils:

  • Independent Thinkers: capable of pro-active, critical, confident and independent thinking and decision-making

  • Global Citizens: moral, outward-looking and compassionate citizens of our planet who want to make it a better place to live

These two dimensions are supported by living and learning our core Christian values (Respect, Responsibility, Creativity & Happiness) and learning how to be better thinkers using the school's own 'Model for Thinking'.

Stemming from these, we have identified 4 pillars of our school vision; 4 ways in which we need to focus this thinking and living of values. Learning about... or Learning with...

These 4 pillars have been broken down specifically into a series of 'Big Ideas'. These are critical questions that we think our outward-bound Year 6 pupils should be able to comprehensively answer if we've delivered on our vision promise. For example:

  • 'Why is what I've learnt important for now and for the future?' [Learning About Learning]
  • 'Which experiences have changed me to make me feel and think differently?' [Learning with Spirituality]

The Big Ideas then need to be delivered through a whole range of means, which constitutes the Blue Coat School Curriculum. This is the collective term for all of the experiences and opportunities we capitalise on to deliver the Big Ideas and, therefore, promote and achieve the school's vision. 

For example, our unique take on Play in school clearly delivers on children being empowered to manage personal risk, enriching emotional and social development, harnessing individual creativities... these are all Big Idea themes within Learning about Learning and also Learning about Ourselves and Others.

Quite simply, everything we do has to have roots in our vision... otherwise, the question is: why are we doing it?