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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

No sound was heard as the bright cheerful sun shone through the large open window; the wind crept into the small shabby house. I looked around; nothing was to be seen except a lot of wrecked tables and chairs that were either torn to peaces or on their backs looking like a dead whale on a sandy beach.

Suddenly a large shock overwhelmed me, I couldn’t stop myself, and I fell over. I went down and down and down until I reached a landing. I slowly swivelled around; the slowness had affected my neck. I was so slow that my neck gave a loud and painful click. I howled in pain, scowering over the white floor, it herd so much, I felt like killing my self. Finally the pain stopped. My body stopped, I was my self again but only in my mind. I couldn’t breath, infact I couldn’t feel anything. It was like I was stuck in space, floating around not being able to do anything. My mind flickered over the things I had done the past days, Ski-ing, biking… 
I looked around, I was in a green-shaded place, and it had lots of large trees that covered a sea-blue sky. I heard a noise, a noise I liked so much, I had heard it before. I quickly sniffed the air; sausages, beans, burgers. All my favourite food. I could remember, everything came to me at once. The noise, the crash, the scars, the burns. Where was I?

I knew exactly where I was, my garden, my wonderful wonderful garden. Oh how I love my garden, my tree house, my dog Naughty and my lovely bed of roses that only bloomed in August.

I closed my eyes, I fell once again but this time it was upwards I was coming back, back to earth. The scene around me was dazzling. It was amazing, I was once again in the white wonder world but this time the white wonder world was full of blurry pink faces; tears filled my eyes, they weren’t my tears though. The pink blurs became to come to me, they were faces bright red and as wet as a lake, the tears dripped down there faces landing onto my face. This was quite annoying. I tried to lift my head up, I wouldn’t I felt I was as heavy as the world. Suddenly a cry of “SHE’S BACK, SHE’S BACK!!!” made me jump, I tried to speak but my mouth wouldn’t open my tongue wouldn’t move. I was stuck. Warmth filled my empty stomach, the warmth of her hands made me manage to smile a big big smile I felt as it was the first time that I had ever smiled. I noticed that this warm wet hug was from my mother, my only loving relative. I was relieved it was her but where had I gone…

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Brooks on 28 Feb 12 at 8:20pm | Quote this comment
Some lovely description in this Molly. I can really imagine what the author is feeling. Well Done.
Comment 2 Comment by Molly C on 04 Mar 12 at 11:32am | Quote this comment
Thank you Mr. Brooks, I didn't think it was very good when I had finished, So I made it better. I got the idea of a coma from a micheal Morpurgo book I had read earlier on.

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