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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Thank you Brendan for your ‘outstanding’ post!

This week, our class have been very busy! Each pupil designed their own Olympic torch and finished off their Greek masks (as we have learnt a great deal about Greek plays)! 

We have been learning all about the Ancient Olympic Games (in IPC and also in literacy). Today, our class designed their own non-chronological report (as a leaflet) about the Ancient Greek Olympics. 

Who could go to see the Olympics Games in Ancient Greek times? What games did they play? What are the similarities and differences compared to today’s modern Olympics? What prizes would competitors receive?

Additionally this week, we have also discovered even more facts about the Olympic torch route. When did it start? How many days are there left until the flame gets to The Olympic Stadium? 


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They were fun! :lol:

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