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31/01/2020 at 11:28am









Dimly lit by the fading shades of sunset, the tree was quite a site to behold. The trunk was so thick that it would of taken at least a thousand grown men to wrap themselves around it. It was deeply covered in vegetation ,not your usual vegetation though. Wrapping itself around the tree destroying everything that stood in its way, which was any given life that didn't have the sense to move. Illuminating one of the many giant branches protruding out of the tree were flowers so astounding from a distance one would have thought they weren't real! They were lavender coloured, a lotus flower in shape,but somehow they were floating over what was known as the overhanging branch. The branch itself was black from the same plants as the tree. But there was something slightly daunting about it. But what? 

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Comment 1 Comment by Max W on 31 Jan 12 at 5:56pm | Quote this comment
Very clever how you magpied the word protrude,
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Bailey on 01 Feb 12 at 12:03pm | Quote this comment
Max, thank you for commenting so sensibly on someone else's blog.

Ben, the rhetorical question at the end adds great suspense and tension - well done.
Comment 3 Comment by Anna B on 02 Mar 12 at 8:47pm | Quote this comment
Well done Ben, some very descriptive words! I especially love the sentence 'But there was something slightly daunting about it.' I think I might magpie that one! :D
Comment 4 Comment by Archie Y on 05 Mar 12 at 12:50pm | Quote this comment
Great blog ben I like how you talked about the tree.

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