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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Beneath the crystal chandelier, rows of wooden ,polished tables stood with shadowy black chairs tucked underneath.A stain glass window reflected the light while rain spatted on its frame.Wishing only to be with others, a scaly creature slithered up onto the table. Suddenly a group of black figures, robed in navy, strolled in through the steal door, there cloaks streaming behind them, and slouched down into the chairs.At the end of the table sat a pale faced man whispering "I must be the one to kill him!"....... 

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 01 Feb 12 at 11:57am | Quote this comment
A nice little bit of 'Magpieing' to start you off on what is a wonderfully descriptive setting! - Well done Anna.
Comment 2 Comment by Abbie D on 27 Feb 12 at 7:31pm | Quote this comment
Anna I love the complex sentence you had - Beneath the cystal chandelier, rows of wooden, polished tables stood with shadowy black chairs tucked underneath. :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Lucy B on 08 Jun 12 at 3:16pm | Quote this comment
I like the way you ended the story in elipses.Keep up the good work! :roll:

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