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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Tending to my blood-coated wound the girl, who had not told me her name yet, did not notice the sinister figure approaching, still some way off. However, I was in a bad state and wouldn’t be able to speak for a long while, but I tried. A long stream of gurgles erupted like a volcano from my mouth as I franticly pointed behind her back. Frowning, it suddenly dawned on her and she whipped around, a menacing glint coming into her eyes.

“Don’t come any closer, or else.” She yelled maliciously letting the threat hang in the air.

“Don’t worry, I have no need because,” Marvo sneered, dangling a black square with a protruding bright red button, “When I press this button you will die!”

Recoiling in shock the girl curled, and began to tremble as, with a cruel laugh, Marvo depressed the button. The dense undergrowth in a circle around us was suddenly ignited as a wall of scorching impassable fire roared around us.

‘Why me?’ I thought as I whimpered in terror and pain. Very abruptly the fire began to crawl forwards getting closer and closer. Within seconds the flames were licking our moulded leather shoes; well our bad excuse for shoes, our throats burned and our skin began to blister. I could see behind the flames the devastation that had been devoured by the fire; it was a barren, desolate landscape, glowing embers littering the floor. The beastly man, well animal, was bounding through the trees happy that his plan would succeed. I looked up at the sky thinking, after all this Marvo has defeated me there was no hope. Not anymore.

Suddenly the direction of the terrifying fire turn and it billowed away from our faces and out in to the rolling country side beyond flattening what was left of the grass and began to chase after Marvo.  A huge sigh erupted from the girls mouth and as I looked I saw a, strangely, familiar leaning out of the side of a stinger 785 helicopter.

*                    *                    *

The pain would be unbearable for a normal human, but not for him. Everything had gone wrong – Taylor had escaped and he had been captured by the police after a long struggle. They had needed back up: he was too strong for a few measly policemen. Wave after wave of them pushed him down and eventually someone had knocked Marvo out; probably with a strong sedative. Here he was behind specially reinforced bars in one of the world’s best prisons: Alcatraz. No one has ever escaped. Of course, no one was like Marvo.

                                                                *                   *                      *    

I had spent the first ten gruelling minutes of the helicopter journey slumped on the floor of the passenger area groaning until our saviour stitched me up (he didn’t do very well).  A series of strange pictures popped into my head and out the other side. I had a faint recollection of this man and as he sat in one of the luxurious flight chairs staring out of the window into the fog, he looked troubled. As if he wanted to say something… but he didn’t, he simply watched the horizon and the rolling hills all pass by. I then closed my eyes and settled my brain; I soon fell into a deep sleep.

I dreamt of my child hood and about my parents… as I ran away, to nowhere in particular. The mysterious girl tapped me on the shoulder.

“Who are you?” she said in a soft voice, sitting back in her chair. I stood up and sat down banging my injured arm in the process. I bit my lip trying not to show the pain. “Thank you,” she whispered, “For taking the knife… it must have hurt”. I didn’t reply, speaking was too much of an effort. “So I guess we’re here for the same reason,” she froze as she said this remembering the horrible day, “We…uh…,” she trailed of and then changed the subject, “Who is he?” she whispered so he could not hear them. I shrugged my shoulders and scrunched up my nose as a jolt of pain shot down my arm.

Leave a comment on which of these you want to happen next:

A: Taylor remembers who the man is.

B: The man tells Taylor who he is.

C: Taylor, eventually, finds out who the man is.

We will write about the option that gets the most comments.

If you want to comment please could you do it by Wednesday when we will write the next chapter(s)? Thank you all for commenting last week! Enjoy!

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 31 Jan 13 at 4:38pm | Quote this comment
Leo and Hayden - I'm running out of superlatives to comment! As we delve deeper into this story, you are making me even more intruiged. Another excellent, excellent chapter.

I'm going to vote for A, but maybe Taylor doesn't have to reveal who it is... just yet!
Comment 2 Comment by Bob B on 01 Feb 13 at 11:45am | Quote this comment
Hi Leo and Hayden, Your story continues to get better and better. I think you should go for B, but when he does tell, can anyone believe him?
Comment 3 Comment by Blyth Moss on 02 Feb 13 at 7:49am | Quote this comment
choice B: Talyor remembers who the man is :D
Comment 4 Comment by Joseph M on 02 Feb 13 at 5:35pm | Quote this comment
I vote for c because he might remember him. ;-)
Comment 5 Comment by Jakob HR on 03 Feb 13 at 5:22pm | Quote this comment
Leo and Hayden, I am amazed by your work! You should be a author when you grow up! Your work is probably the best in the whole school!I pick :C for the next part of the story. :o
Comment 6 Comment by Esme K on 05 Feb 13 at 12:48pm | Quote this comment
I think B. This story is going really well.
Comment 7 Comment by Mr Ryan on 06 Feb 13 at 1:33pm | Quote this comment
Boys: every new chapter sees your narrative getting stronger and stronger. Now you're really hitting your stride and starting to have fun with narrative styles and language. I'm really enjoying it!

Oh, and I've got to go with a vote for 'A'...
Comment 8 Comment by Edward L on 07 Feb 13 at 2:43pm | Quote this comment
WOW A...m...a...z...i...n...g
thats epic
i vote a

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