What Others Say...

essentials1We love our school and think that Blue Coat is a special place. However, we are clearly biased! Don't take our word for it: here's what others think...


"As always my visit to Blue Coat was inspiring: so many varied and valuable experiences are on offer for the children and indeed for the whole community too, with chance for everyone, both young and older, to benefit in so many ways."

~ Bishop's Visitor, Mrs Beverly Butler, 2019

"The school's dedication to ensuring every child has outstanding play opportunities, every day, with no exceptions has become a reality. In my 18 years of working with schools I have never come across anything as good or comprehensively integrated into every aspect of school life."

~UK Leading Play Expert & OPAL Director, Michael Follett, 2018

'The focus on outdoor play and learning enriches the lives of pupils, allowing them to develop life-enhancing skills which are integral to ‘Future Readiness’.'

'The joyful enthusiasm to play in the beach space, or to write ribbon prayers for a tree in the quiet area, demonstrates the impact of such a creative site. Above all, Blue Coat is an enabling environment for all ages and interests. The use of the playground and field is inspirational.'

~SIAMS Inspector, Mrs Allyson Taylor, 2019


"The children at Blue Coat are wonderfully well-mannered and friendly to one another! They are quick to support each other and demonstrate excellent learning behaviour!"

~Agency Supply Class Teacher, 2019

"Very much recommend it. This is an outstanding school! The staff/support staff and ethos of learning and outdoor play is exceptional. The boys love it and we hugely appreciate the positive community."

"It is a fabulous school with a kind, caring atmosphere. I would recommend this school to other parents."

"We're always singing Blue Coat's praises and using it's ethos as an example to others!"

~Blue Coat Parents, Survey 2018

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"The school has high expectations of staff so that children have the best opportunities and experiences. All decisions are based on what is best for the children and money is spent on them. The vision is lived - not just a strapline on the website. Staff are trusted and empowered."

"A culture of high expectations for both staff and children comes from the top. We are actively encouraged to take risks in order to be exceptional."

"We have a clear ethos and 'end game'. We know what we want to achieve as a school and have been given guidance on how to attain it."

~School staff, Staff Survey, 2019