paintWe believe that an ambitious vision should always show encouragement of actually being achieved. Here are some of the signs that show the school vision is working.

Pupil Academic Achievements

The following document link shows how Blue Coat pupils perform over time compared to those in other schools nationally by looking at their Year 6 Statutory Assessment Test (SAT) results.

Blue Coat pupils have performed significantly above their national peers over recent years when meeting the Expected Standards in English and Maths. The improving trend has meant that Blue Coat frequently occupies the Top 10-20 of schools in the Schools’ Performance Table for Gloucestershire.

The Real Schools Guide ranks state-funded schools on 45 data points each year. In 2018, the school ranked 7th in the county with a 5-star rating. The rating was maintained but the overall score in 2019 increased such that Blue Coat was ranked Number 1 primary school in Gloucestershire. The school's score puts it within the Top 320 primary schools in the country i.e. the top 2%.


Blue Coat is currently recognised as an OfSTED 'Outstanding' provider of educationThe school received its last full inspection in 2009 and then received a short survey inspection in 2010.

Since this time, the school has been subject to regular risk assessment by OfSTED, as well as Local Authority monitoring visits.

Despite significant changes to OfSTED inspections since 2009, the school has rapidly improved due to the team commitment to our 'Future Ready' vision. 

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Blue Coat School adopts a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs with all staff well versed in good practice. The school's leadership and teaching teams work relentlessly to achieve excellent outcomes for all of our pupils with SEND, aiming to prepare them for life as well as their next stage of education.

As a result, Blue Coat has become increasingly recognised as a school specialising in SEND support, with large numbers of staff whom have significant experience and expertise in teaching SEND pupils more effectively. They are led by experienced SEND Leadership (who, unlike most schools, spend 3 days of each week explicitly focussed on this area).

Integration and inclusion of all children with special educational needs, in all aspects of school life, is at the very heart of our school's SEND policy. On some occasions, individuals and/or small groups may also experience targeted support outside of the classroom environment where this is deemed to be beneficial. We pride ourselves in working closely with parents of SEND children to build positive and productive working relationships centred on the best interests of the child.

Over time, our SEND pupils make at least good progress from both their starting points and compared to their SEND peers nationally.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Knill -  our SEND Co-ordinator.

Disadvantaged Pupils (Pupil Premium)

The school has a relatively small population of disadvantaged pupils making it hard to draw meaningful trends over time. However, we believe that we can (and do) narrow the gap between this group and their peers by ensuring that we identify and teach to their potential.

Over recent years, the school has primarily invested in raising standards of teaching to achieve this. However, more basic than this, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs tell us that first we need to ensure children's basic needs are met so they are able to learn and thrive. This has meant that we regularly target indivduals with a range of more personalised approaches such as: professional counselling/therapy, tuition, emotion coaching, investment in safe spaces etc.

More detail can be found within our Pupil Premium Strategy here.

Sporting Achievement (Sport Premium)

Our pupils take part in a wide range of sports that continues to broaden and diversify. The use of Sport Premium funding to support this has meant that more children than ever before are taking part in regular physical activity.

Beyond the school day and the ever-growing number of after-school clubs, many pupils take the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport. Blue Coat is a regular top competitor at both district and county level, and even occasionally national(!), for a range of team sports.

With continued future investment (as set out in our Sport Premium strategy) we hope to enrich children's experiences and competencies in both sport and play.


We pride ourselves on being an OPAL school for Play. Moreover, since 2017 the school has achieved the very highest standard by becoming an OPAL certified Platinum Play school, positioning it as one of the very best schools in the UK for its quality of play provision. It is visited regularly as a place of interest for schools nationally and internationally who are seriously looking at enhancing play for their pupils.

In addition, the school's children, staff and its Play Co-ordinator (Mrs Murray) have been humbled to receive national awards related to play. 


Blue Coat is a proud Church (of England) school. This means that we hold a Christian vision and belief in Future Readiness being every child living life in all its fullness (John 10:10), whilst ensuring that they enable others to do the same (Matthew 22: 37-39). 

The effectiveness with which the school lives out the vision is evaluated in the inspection process of SIAMS. The school has always shown either 'Good' (2019) or 'Outstanding' (2014) qualities, despite increasingly challenging frameworks for inspection. In between the inspections, the school receives annual visits from the Bishop's Visitor to keep abreast of how the school's Christian character is developing. Her latest visit can be found here.