A non-chronological report on dogs

A dog is a type of animal which you can have as a pet (unless it`s wild). They can be used for different functions such as: customs and excise (search for drugs), a guide for the blind, to rescue the lost and the injured and to comfort the lonely.


Dogs NEED a good place to live. Living in a cold place can cause a dog to suffer and may lead to illness. Dogs are intelligent. If a dog is bored, and doesn`t have enough to do, it may suffer. This could lead to bad behaviour with the dog frantically chewing furniture or the owners clothing. A dog MUST have a safe and secure environment. This will make it feel wanted and loved (like a child). As well as that it must know it`s boundaries which could be where it is allowed to be.


When you fist get a dog you must make sure that it is healthy. A good idea would be to take it to the vets for a health check and it`s jab`s. If you want to go to another country you can have a special injection so that it is protected against rabies. Make sure to go to the vets regularly for check ups and tablets for worming and general health.

                                                 Family life

Once a dog is in a family it`s important to keep it happy by good food, fresh water, good walks and TLC. A happy home means a happy dog.  However, the dog should also know its place with a bed in a sensible spot and some discipline so that the dog knows its boundaries.  Then everyone will be happy.

                                                Different types of dogs

There are different types of dogs all around the world.  You can find them by using the internet or looking through time and history.  They often say as well that a dog look's like its owner.  There are different shapes and sizes and people have them to suit their home and where they live. 


Rabies: Is a disease which if they have attacked a human it could be passed on.

Environment: The dogs surroundings and habitat.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 27 Mar 12 at 4:43pm | Quote this comment
Wow Chloe what a great independent Non-Chronological report. 5 Tables points from me.

Can anyone provide Chloe with a tickle pink and a growing green? 1 table point for each!
Comment 2 Comment by luouise butle on 30 Mar 12 at 8:47am | Quote this comment
Well done Chloe, I like the section on long walks!!!
Comment 3 Comment by Tarragon N on 03 Apr 12 at 5:48pm | Quote this comment
WOW Chloe! What a fantastic Non-Chronological report. My tickle pink would be a good use of brackets.
Comment 4 Comment by Jasmine F on 04 Apr 12 at 9:00pm | Quote this comment
Well done Chloe it sound amazing! My tickle pink for you would be, good use of imperative verbs and BOLD! And my growing green for you would be, try to think of a different starting for a sentence that A.
Comment 5 Comment by Emily C on 13 Apr 12 at 7:38pm | Quote this comment
I NEVER thought that dogs can have rabies. My tickle pink would be a good glossary's explanations well done!!!!!!!!!!

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