Science and Engineering Week: Day 1

Problem solving, team working, collaboration, energy and enthusiasm. These were just some of the many amazing skills and qualities shown by Team NZ on day one of Science and Engineering week. Class New Zealand began the week with the construction stage of their Bungee jump rigs, White water rafts and Skiers. The children showed great resilience and some cleaver engineering solutions, as well as a little creative thinking, in order to over come some of the initial challenges faced in this early construction stage - all with a little help from our specialist engineer Ben and our group of fabulous parent helpers - thank you all!

Photo's to follow - I promise! (As soon as Mr Bailey gets his computer back!)

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Comment 1 Comment by Jo Geary on 13 Mar 12 at 5:27pm | Quote this comment
Thank you so much Class New Zealand for a wonderful afternoon on Monday that taught me a lot about co-operation, patience, engineering and resilience! It was really fun working with you and I was very impressed with how safely and how well the glue guns and saws were handled. That skier has some tricky engineering problems for you to sort out. I hope Mr Bailey lets me pop in after school on Friday and see the finished projects. Jo :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Herring on 13 Mar 12 at 7:17pm | Quote this comment
Mr Bailey was 'buzzing' about your afternoon on Monday - brilliant work Team New Zealand! Keep it up for the rest of the week. Really looking forward to seeing your finished projects on Friday.
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Bailey on 15 Mar 12 at 6:08pm | Quote this comment
Thanks for your kind comments Jo and for your support this week - you and all the parents are more than welcome to pop in on Friday after school to view the engineering master pieces from Team NZ.

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