Should phones be banned in school?

It has been argued whether phones should be allowed in school premises. It can cause distraction is class yet it can save peoples lives. I will now explore and identify the main points.

My first argument ,for, is that children may get distracted from calls and texts during school lessons. Texting under the table can also cause distraction. Therefore not listing and not getting a good education. It could provoke cyber-bulling and jealousy among pupils. Here is a quote from a school child that has previously been bullied "I only brought my phone in for one day and I was already labeled un cool."

My first argument ,against, Is that If there is an emergency it is easy to get in contact with the emergency services, relatives and/or eney other people that can help.In addition to this it would cause less criminal action knowing that more people have mobile phones. Children could give their phone to the teacher during lesson therefore using it at break or lunch instead of when they were supposed to listen in school subjects.

If we go forward with having mobile phones in school, Then we will have to consider the good points and the bad ones to blend the together to make the perfect and safe school.     

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 13 Mar 12 at 8:16am | Quote this comment
Another great piece of indepentent writing - well done Archie and thank you.
If you were to self asssess this piece of writing what would your 3 tickle pinks and 2 growing greens be?
Comment 2 Comment by Archie D on 16 Mar 12 at 8:09pm | Quote this comment
My three tickle pinks are good connective 'therefore', Hyphonated word such as cyber-bullying and also a quote from a school child. However my two growing greens are that I didn't get in any adverbs or sub titles in.

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