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Over the last couple of months, you might have noticed Mrs Fowles working very hard to improve our school library - she's altered the layout of the shelves, ordered some fantastic new books and put up various bright and colourful displays.

This has provided us with an opportunity for a small competition! The first child to work out and comment the title and author of each of the 30 pictures (they are numbered) spilling out of the magical box on the wall will win a small prize. Good luck!

A big thank you to Mrs Fowles for her continued hard work on improving our library!

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Comment 1 Comment by Archie D on 01 Mar 12 at 4:22pm | Quote this comment
1. Ice pirates (Chris Mould)
2. The wheel of surya (Jamila Gavin)
3. Worzel Gunridge (Barbra Eupha Todd)
4. Billionare boy (David Walliams)
5.The enormas crocadile (Roald Dahl)
6. Stich head (guy bass)
7. The longest whale song ( Jacqueline Wilson)
8. Mog the forgetful cat (Judith Kerr)
9. Scorpia (Anthony Horowitz)
10. The fire within (Chris D'Lacey)
11. Pink princess smarty pants (Babette Cole)
12. Big Nate on a roll (Lincoln Perice)
13. Neversuch house (Elliot Skell)
14. Get rich quick club (Rose Impey)
15. A dog and his boy (Eva Ibbotson)
16. World class (Dan Freedman)
17. The penultimate peril (Lemony Snicket)
18. A midsummer nights dream ( Andy Mathews, Tony Ross ) (Shakespeare)
19. Harry potter and the chamber of secrets (J.K Rowling)
20. Selfish giant (Oscar Wilde)
21. Six dinner sid (Ingrid Moore)
22.Goal (Colin Mcnorgan)
23.Battle of Britain (Chris Preistly)
24. The lion the witch and the wordrobe ( C.S Lewis)
25. Little red riding hood ( johnathan Langley)
26. Gorilla ( Anthony brown)
27. Mousehole Cat (Antonia Barbra)
28. Kensukes Kingdom (Michel Mopurgo)
29. Sophie's Tom (Dick King Smith)
30. Dead man's cove ( Lauren St John)

By Archie D-G, Archie.C and Ben.S
Comment 2 Comment by Abbie D on 02 Mar 12 at 9:44pm | Quote this comment
1.The ice pirates by Chris Mound
2. The wheel of surya by Jamila Gavin
3. Worzal Gummidge by Barbara Euphan Todd
4. Billionaire Boy by David walliams
5. The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl
6. Stich Head by Guy Bass
7. The longest whale song by Jacqueline Wilson
8. Mog the forgetful cat by Judith Kerr
9. Scorpia Anthony Horowitz
11. Princess smarty pants by Babette Cole
12. Big nate on a roll by Lincoln Perice
14. The get rich quick club by Rose Impey
15. A dog with his boy by Eva Ibbotson
22. Goal by Colin Mc Naughton
23. Battle of britain by Chris Priestley
24. The lion witch and the wardrobe dy C.S Lewis
25. Little red riding hood by Johnathan langley
26. Gorila by Anthony Brown
27. The Mouse hole by Antonia
28. Kensukes Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo
29. Sophies Tom by Dick King Smith
30. Dead mans cove by Lauren ST John

By Abbie and Saskia.
Comment 3 Comment by Archie D on 06 Mar 12 at 7:40pm | Quote this comment
Thank you Mrs Fowles and Mr Carlton for our wonderful new library and books. :lol:

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