Sunlit View

The sky shone, an aqua-blue light source, fading into a shiny white screen. Silhouetted by the glorious glow wavered two delicate trees with intricate leaves that lead to over loaded branches with fruit at every bough.

Those trees were not unlike the trees scattered over the distant mountains. Against the horizon, pink and orange from the sun, lay magnificent but beautiful, crooked and crevassed peaks.

At the up-most point of one mountain, almost part of the mountain its self, perched a castle, but not just an ordinary stone block castle. This castle had towers, turrets and beauty. It was so great that whatever, the owner must have pride over his property.

Half of the palace was hidden by a mass of puffy white clouds. Clouds that were as thick as thunderclouds and as white as an angel’s halo.

Just out of reach of the clouds, shrouded in shadow, stood a couple of magnificent pillars. The few grains of speckled sunlight that had managed to reflect on the shimmering stone proved that those securing columns were also made for beauty and as a sign of wealth and power.

If the pillars had been put there for the sole purpose of splitting the picture in to three parts then they could say that it had worked. Of all the sections the centre is defiantly the most magnificent, for in the middle of the centre stood a couple completely engrossed by each others company. From them came shadows that lead rite of the balcony and out of the scene. 


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 11 Feb 12 at 1:27pm | Quote this comment
This would definitely be 'tickled pink' if I were your teacher, Hetty:

"If the pillars had been put there for the sole purpose of splitting the picture in to three parts then they could say that it had worked."

Beautiful. My growing green for you would be to play on the other senses beyond 'sight' in your description. What could be smelled? What could be heard? What would some of these features of the setting feel like to the touch?
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Bailey on 19 Feb 12 at 12:58pm | Quote this comment
Hetty I love the way that you didn't just say at the top of the mountain - you used 'At the up-most point of one mountain' - this gives great depth to your writing and really helps the reader build a beautiful picture in their head. Very well done.
Comment 3 Comment by Anna B on 02 Mar 12 at 8:54pm | Quote this comment
Well done Hetty this blog is amazingly descriptive! :-)
Comment 4 Comment by Saskia N on 05 Mar 12 at 12:20pm | Quote this comment
amazing, wish I could wright like you :lol:

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