The Ferocious Shark

In a hermetically sealed lab there is a twisting and turning spiral stair case that descends to a lab floor that is crammed with monitoring equipment, power cables, computers and a water coated platform with a gigantic black and white beast which is supposedly unconscious. One ambitious scientist who is not conspicuously tall and has elf like ears tries to record data to prove increased intelligence in a shark test subject . SUDDENLY the deadly, razor-sharp jagged fangs protruding out of the swollen, blood red gums chomped ferociously through the man’s scrawny twig-like arms a look of horror and shock wrapped its self around the ginger haired man's face.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 19 Feb 12 at 1:01pm | Quote this comment
Wow what an opening Sam - you guide the reader wonderfully through the setting at the start. A Superb job.
Comment 2 Comment by Ben S on 28 Feb 12 at 7:55pm | Quote this comment
Brilliant setting Sam! Hermetically! I'll definitely be magpieing that.

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