The great brick bridge

The azure blue water splashes about the enormous harbour. Its mirror like surface reflecting the faces of people who stare down from the platforms on the harbour’s edge. This amazing section of the Earth is not rough and choppy, but quiet and calm and slowly pushing its way towards the platform’s edge then dragging itself back out to the middle of the harbour.

This platform was not calm and quiet like the reflective water, no it was just the opposite, bustling with parents and children coming and going as they pleased. Gigantic buildings were towering up on either side of them, casting an unfamiliar shadow on the pavement where they walked. Looming over a part of the platform was a strong bulky bridge which dug into the ground a little way on.

With its supports dug deeply into the rock and sand below the water the massive, stable bridge climbed over the mirror below ancient uneven brickwork looking as though it was about to crack and crumble into one million pieces, but somehow the bridge held up no matter how many vehicles roared across it at the same time. Zooming speedboats would whizz under this bridge every now and then, spraying up water so high that it nearly fell onto the bridge itself. But one day if the bridge ever falls will the fantastic 4 be ready to save the lives of millions of people …

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 19 Feb 12 at 1:03pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed the way you tell the reader what is not there at the start of the second paragraph Ed - very clearer writing.

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