Sitting high up on the soft green turf, a man named Frank T Hopkins was mounted on a squbold mustang horse called Hidalgo. The horse was a soft scarlet brown colour with a white blaze and patches that looked like newly fallen snow.

Up above the candy-floss clouds towered lazily over the crystal blue sky. The emerald green grass shimmered brightly in the sunlight. Invisible wind whistled heavily through day and night.

The young man was carrying a whip, a lasso (which is normally used for roping cattle) and on his hip was a holster holding his Colt 45 pistol. Hidalgo has his head held high, was he anticipating a great adventure?

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Comment 1 Comment by Jasmine F on 08 Feb 12 at 3:46pm | Quote this comment
Wow Lucy this is amazing I just want to know more.
This writing just hooks you in. Well done.
Comment 2 Comment by Rachel H on 24 Mar 12 at 7:56pm | Quote this comment
my tickle pink is in the first paragrap( newly fallen snow) my groing green is mabey start your second paragraph with a better conectiv than the such as ( Around his wast, the young man was carrying a whip)

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