The Jurassic park

The Jurassic park scene was beautiful despite the fact that the horrible dinosaurs roamed around. The scene had luscious green trees which swayed in the breeze.The bubbling blue water went hurtling down the water fall as it smashed against the dark grey rocks! The terrain was rugged and bumpy and the rocks which were scattered around the landscape were consumed by moss!    




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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 31 Jan 12 at 10:15pm | Quote this comment
Jack, this is a really good piece of descriptive writing! I love the way you write about the moss consuming the landscape - really helps me to picture it in my mind! You also manage to include a high level conjunction - good work!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Bailey on 01 Feb 12 at 12:57pm | Quote this comment
Some great vocabulary in here Jack, well done on your word choices
Comment 3 Comment by Oliver D on 01 Feb 12 at 4:16pm | Quote this comment
Awsome 8) !!!!!!
Comment 4 Comment by Lillie W on 01 Feb 12 at 7:16pm | Quote this comment
That was a great piece of writing Jack. Next time try to think of some other sentence starters. :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Feb 12 at 3:11pm | Quote this comment
Well spotted, Lillie! Jack: you've made some impressive vocabulary choices. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this quality from you!
Comment 6 Comment by William Sa on 03 Feb 12 at 6:59pm | Quote this comment
This vocabulary is outstanding theese butifal words ,romed, lusious, consumed, bubling, terrain, should go straight in to your magpie juornal. :lol:
Comment 7 Comment by Abbie D on 27 Feb 12 at 7:38pm | Quote this comment
Jack I love the word you put in which is despite the fact that you made it into a compound sentence welldone :lol:

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