The Hobbits Hole

The sun, which hung helplessly in the summers-day sky, shimmered down onto the scene below.

It was looking at a beautiful place, probably what someone would picture from a classical fairytale.

The mountains weaved and glided between each other like a ballerina dancing freely to an audience. Luscious shoots of grass shook and swayed gently in the calm breeze, which snaked through every living and not living object.

Wedged into the side of the perfectly positioned hills were holes. But they were no ordinary holes, they were dwellings. Dwellings for short, stumpy characters called Hobbits. In fact Hobbits are so small everything that we use in everyday life. Is miniature!

If you peered closely at the cabins, you could just about see the glass paned, transparent entrances that were dotted around, the hills with roughly 3 doors to each dwelling. Bunches of flowers protruded outwards from the doors whilst being held up by steel hanging baskets. On top of the grass covered, curved roof sat an tall, proud, ancient oak tree. This oak tree is not something a health and safety officer would approve of. Branches, which were sewn surprisingly delicately to the trunk with a gooey solidified solution called sap. In fact the branches were so delicate you would be lucky to wonder beyond the front door without a hard, rock-like stick fell onto your head bruising it and perhaps causing a loss of blood.
All in all, the scene was peaceful, beautiful and unique. Nothing is and will ever be like it.

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Comment 1 Comment by Max W on 31 Jan 12 at 8:13pm | Quote this comment
That was a very descriptive setting but try not to start with the at the start of a sentence.
Comment 2 Comment by Archie D on 31 Jan 12 at 8:24pm | Quote this comment
Well done Lillie it was very descriptive i especially liked the simile "like a ballerina dancing freely to an audience" well done! :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Bailey on 01 Feb 12 at 12:24pm | Quote this comment
One word Lille - Awesome!
Comment 4 Comment by William Sa on 27 Feb 12 at 6:39pm | Quote this comment
Great description Lillie I love the way put the sun heng helplessly. :roll: :lol:

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