How to make plasticine slugs

Do you want to make a slug monster out of plasticine? If so please follow the instructions below.
What do you need?
2 quite small white balls of plasticine and a coloured block of plasticine of your own choice
A knife
2 bits of wire (about the same length)
Apeermanent marker
Strong hands!!!

1) Break or cut your plasticine into into three equal pieces (you will only need one piece, watch out the knife could be sharp)!

2) Break up the piece and roll it into 11 equal balls. Make sure they are warm and easy to twist and turn (to make sure it is warm press down on the ball ,if it cracks then it is not warm enough).

3) Put aside four of of these balls (you will need them for later).

4) Squeeze the rest of the balls together to make one big lump (make sure all the balls are still soft)

5) Roll the lump into a fat sausage shape about 15cm long, then a bend a quarter of the sausage up to a right angle, you have now made the body of your slug!

6) Now take 2 of your balls that you put aside earlier and roll them into thin sausage shapes.

7) Next push the wire into the plasticine and wrap the plasticine round it, (make sure there is a little bit of wire poking out of each end, if not make your sausage shorter or longer)then push one end of the plasticine into the body of your slug.

8) Take the other 2 balls and squish them into pancake shapes. After that put the white balls in the middle of the pancakes and and wrap the pancakes around them.
9) Put a dot in the middle of your white balls for a pupil then push the eyeballs onto the stems.

10) Put a hole into the right angle of your slugs body the picture below will help you.



You will find these creatures very fun and very easy to make.


                                                      HAVE FUN!!!!

by Ed and Archie


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 01 Feb 12 at 12:00pm | Quote this comment
Gent's, you are the first independent bloggers of Team New Zealand - a super effort. I love the clarity of you instructions.

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