The Peculiar Hall.


Securely the massive glass chandelier hung from the arched ceiling, which was kept up by towering pillars. Along two of the sides of the huge hall, tiny Goblin like creatures were hunched over desks, studying what seemed to be money accounts, their ugly shrivelled faces concentrating hard. At the end of the building a silhouette stood, possibly another Goblin, at it’s desk but it was much taller which made it look more important, especially with its own two lamps, illuminating it’s work. In the middle of this room, three more Goblins were stood, deep in secretive conversation.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 28 Jan 12 at 8:36am | Quote this comment
Isobel: great vocabulary and very encouraging to see you experimenting with subordinate clauses in complex sentences. Only thing is, I want to know what happens next! That alone proves that you've written a successful setting/story opener - well done!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Bailey on 01 Feb 12 at 11:55am | Quote this comment
Wow! First up and what a start! You've really set the bar high with this one Izzy
Comment 3 Comment by Rachel H on 24 Feb 12 at 6:56pm | Quote this comment
Great work isobel i love the way you have described the pillers towering above.

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