A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.....

....a wonderfully creative and imaginative man, James Cameron, directed a movie master piece known as Avatar. In this film he created a magical and futuristic world using the most fabulous settings. Below is a photograph of one of these settings:






Someone once said that 'a picture tells a 1000 words'.


Firstly, choose a picture from a film of your choice, which is a setting, then post it into your own new blog.

Next, ask yourself the two most important questions that we always ask ourselves before writing (5 table points to the first person to comment what these are).

Thirdly, using your own descriptive language, write (using no less than 100 words) your own description of that setting. You have to imagine that your description would replace the picture if it were in a book. You know if you have been successful because your readers should be able to create a picture in their minds eye using your fabulous description.

Good Luck, I look forward to reading all of your new blogs and don't forget to map it out first!

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Comment 1 Comment by Jasmine F on 26 Jan 12 at 4:22pm | Quote this comment
The two question you have to ask yourself before you write is who are you as the writer and who is your audience.
Comment 2 Comment by Lillie W on 26 Jan 12 at 5:54pm | Quote this comment
Who you are as the writer? and who is your audience?
Comment 3 Comment by Lillie W on 26 Jan 12 at 6:08pm | Quote this comment
Does it have to be from the film or can it be a picture or painting related to the book?
Comment 4 Comment by Jasmine F on 26 Jan 12 at 8:29pm | Quote this comment
I cant wait to make our myths and legends models.
Comment 5 Comment by Rachel H on 30 Jan 12 at 6:50pm | Quote this comment
The two questions you ask your self befor you write are who are you as a writer and who are you writing for.

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