Myths and legends galore

On Friday 6th January 2012 years 5 and 6 dressed up-as a charactors from a myth or legend! There were some great costumes and brilliant activities. What did you think of it years 5 and 6?

Trogan horse  

we all started off in Mr Bailey's class, a difficult challenge-to make a Trogan horse using jelly babies  and non-cooked spaghetti.We had 20 minutes to make and build our Trogan horse. In the end all the Trogan horses terned out very well.

Medusas leir

With Mrs Galvin who was dressed up as Artimis- Greek Godes of the hunt we did clay modeling. We had to pretend that any mythical creature of our choise (we could also make them up) had been turned to stone by Medusas evil gaze. Here are some exampels: Izzy B made a creature witch was a cross between a duck and a worm with legs!

Ye old knight inn

After clay moddling we went to ye old knights inn for ye old pub quiz!!! There where four rounds witch where: Mythical creaturs, Greek gods, Robin hood and King Auther and the picture round. There where also some anagrams for your spare time. We had tasty nibbles.

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Oliver H on 10 Jan 12 at 4:21pm | Quote this comment
What good costumes we all had.
Comment 2 Comment by Archie C on 11 Jan 12 at 7:57am | Quote this comment
The costume were great ! lots of interesting facts were found out in the quiz.
Comment 3 Comment by Sarah C on 11 Jan 12 at 4:10pm | Quote this comment
The cotumes were great.( you might need to check your spellings).
Comment 4 Comment by Abbie D on 11 Jan 12 at 6:05pm | Quote this comment
Great costumes everyone the blog was really good.
I liked how you did the subheadings in BOLD. :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Anna G on 12 Jan 12 at 3:59pm | Quote this comment
You did a brilliant blog ,guys. You definitely deserve to be published authors.
Comment 6 Comment by Ebony J on 12 Jan 12 at 8:28pm | Quote this comment
Really good writing. Well done everyone! :-)
Comment 7 Comment by Saskia N on 12 Jan 12 at 8:33pm | Quote this comment
Well Done class NZ. :lol: :D
Comment 8 Comment by Elizabeth F on 13 Jan 12 at 5:17pm | Quote this comment
You all look grat well done on your coshgomes 8)
Comment 9 Comment by William Sa on 15 Jan 12 at 7:14pm | Quote this comment
well done Hetty's group great effort. I love the way you said medusas evil gaze.[the costumes looked outstanding]

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