Myths and Legends!

Arthur, the young boy who pulled the sword from the stone to claim the crown of England. Robin, the hooded outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Zorro, the swashbuckling swordsman with a secret identity and a heart for the lowest peasant. Theseus, who ferociously battled the minotaur before finding his way out of the labyrinth. Achilles, the heroic warrior who fought in the battle of Troy, only to be killed by an arrow in his heel. And the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus - Apollo, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus! All of these and many more are fantastic characters from myth and legend!

Year 5 and 6, your task this Christmas is to research a character or creature from myth or legend and comment at least 100 words to tell us about them. Once you have told us the name of your chosen character, here are some ideas of what you could write about:

1) Who are they? Why are they famous? What did they do?
2) What are their strengths? What do you like about them?
3) What are their weaknesses? Did they have a downfall?

We all look forward to reading your writing over the coming days (Deadline: Friday 6th January) and then seeing your costumes that first week back! This topic promises to be brilliant!

But before then, from all the Upper Junior staff, have a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

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Comment 1 Comment by Dylan B on 16 Dec 11 at 9:52pm | Quote this comment
The Devourer

Amongst the many different characters that form part of ancient Egyptian mythology was Ammit, the devourer of souls. This particular character was considered to be representative of divine retribution for all bad deeds committed by individuals in their lives. The devour er is a legend with as you can see with the name it is a legend witch eats bad people.

By Dylan B
happy Christmas everyone.
Comment 2 Comment by Chloe B on 17 Dec 11 at 9:46pm | Quote this comment

Medusa was the daughter of Phorkys (sea titan) and Keto (godess of mainly whales but still the ocean). The children of Earth and the Ocean. She was one of the three sisters known as the Gorgans. The other two sisters were Sthenno and Euryale (Medusa was the only mortal out of the three.

She was once very beautiful and lived far up north were the sun didn`t visit. Medusa wanted to see the sun so she asked Goddess Athena for permission to visit the south. Athena refused to allow her to visit. Then Medusa Got angry and said the Athena hadn`t given her permission because she was jealous of her beauty. Athena took revenge by turning Medusa`s hair into snakes and cursing her by making her so ugly that no one would ever want to look at her again.
Comment 3 Comment by Abbie Dix on 18 Dec 11 at 6:19pm | Quote this comment
Cleopatra By Abbie D

Cleopatra`s strengths was that she was the ruler of Egypt .Cleopatra had the power to control what came in and out of the Egyptian land. She also controlled what went on in Egypt.

Cleopatras weaknesses was that she went with so many men but never ended up with one of them. Also her biggest weakness was when she was around the powerful Roman rulerJulius Caeser.

She was also weak in the way that she was not able to rule as her Mother had expected. She captivated the two greatest Romans of her day, after that she decided to destroy herself by a, scaly skin ,asp.
Comment 4 Comment by Emily C on 20 Dec 11 at 6:48pm | Quote this comment
The story so far
Zeus the king of gods complained to Hermes the messenger god that he had a very bad headache and asked for his help,so Hermes struck Zeus on the forehead with a double headed Minoan axe(glad he's not a doctor today)When Zeus's head split open Athena sprang out fully grown wearing full armour(WOW).
Athena was Zeus's favourite he gave her the position of his prime advisor,Athena had many titles including
the Goddess of war,the Goddess of wisdom and the Goddess of Arts and Crafts and many many more.She was also the Goddess that turned Medusa from a beautiful Nymph into an ugly Gorgon with snake hair (and she deserved it).
I really like her because she was said to be both fair and calm in her judgement.

:-* happy new year everyone
Comment 5 Comment by Hetty P on 27 Dec 11 at 12:17pm | Quote this comment

Icarus was Daedlus' son,they had fled from Athens and were banished from Crete where, at first, they had been welcomed. They were taken to a well guarded fortres of an Island in the middle of a listless ocean. Daedlus then hit on a brilliant plan-they would fly away! He made Icarus some wings of wax, wood and feathers. As soon as he had felt the freedom and joy of flying Icarus started to ignor the warning (not to fly to close to the sun) The wax melted and he plunged to a watery death in the merky mediterranean depths. :sad:
Comment 6 Comment by Archie C on 29 Dec 11 at 9:56am | Quote this comment
Robin hood.

Robin Hood was a man who stole from the rich to give to the poor.
He live in Sherwood forest with his band of merry men who I'm sure you have herd of as well, Little John (who was actual big), Frier Tuck and Will Scarlet ( he like to ware red). Robins girlfriend was Maid Marion.
Robin stole only to help people who had no food to eat after paying the high taxes to the sheriff of Nottingham. He was a very greedy man who did not care about anybody other than himself and money.
So Robin Hood helped the poor by robbing money from the rich and giving it to the poor.
I think he was a good man and he became a legend because of all the good he did for those who had nobody else to turn to.
Comment 7 Comment by Lucy B on 31 Dec 11 at 11:07am | Quote this comment

Why is he famous?

Odysseus is famous because he is a young brave man who sets sail on his ship across the sea. He is a very well known person because he is the hero of a very old myth about his journey home to Ithaca, where he was King, after fighting a long war. He also enters sword fighting battles.

What does he do?

Odysseus and his crew are trying to get home but some of the Greek gods are trying to stop them. Odysseus has to look after his men and make sure that they are safe. He is a very good leader.

What do I like about him?

I like all the adventures he goes on and whether he survives in war. In one adventure in the myth it says Odysseus and his crew get caught by Circe a witch who turns his men into pigs but not Odysseus because he escapes with help from Hermes who was the messenger of the gods. I like Odysseus because each time he rescues his men and they get back to safety and travel on another adventure.
Comment 8 Comment by Isobel B on 31 Dec 11 at 11:38am | Quote this comment
Morgan Le Fay.

Morgan Le Fay (other wise known as Morgana or Morgane) was a powerful witch.(Le fay means fairy in french.) Her and King Arthur were half brother and sister. She lived on the Isle of Avalon , which is now called Glastonbury, also she had 9 sisters. She was a shape shifter which meant she could be a fairy to a old hag. She HATED King Arthur and used her evil powers against him.Though in later stories she became a member of the round table.
Comment 9 Comment by Ben S on 01 Jan 12 at 11:07am | Quote this comment

Hercules was one of the many sons of Zeus (The king of the ancient greek gods.)although he was mortal.
When he was just a baby, he was said to have strangled two snakes,that Hera had sent to kill him, with his his bare hands!

What did he do?

He was married and and had several children and became famous for his great courage, but Hera was jealous of his happiness. She drove him mad so that he killed his wife and family! When he recovered he was horrified and asked the Oracle how to make things better. It told him to offer himself a slave to King Eurystheus, he set Hercules 12 seemingly impossible tasks which were:

1. To kill the Nemean lion
2. To destroy the lernaean Hydra
3. To capture the Cerynean hind alive
4. To trap the Erymanthian boar
5. To clean the Augean stables
6. To get rid of the Stymphalian birds
7. To capture the Cretan bull
8. To round up the mares of Diomedes
9. To fetch Hippolyte's belt
10. To fetch the cattle of Geryon
11. To fetch the golden apples of the Hesperides
12. To bring Cerberus from Tartarus
Hercules did complete the tasks and was rid of his guilt, married again and had several children. Eventually, Hera caused his death by tricking his wife into giving him a robe that was in fact poisoned! It caused him great agony and he could not take it off! He had a funeral pyre built and set fire to. He
climbed to the top to die and escape the pain, but as quick as a flash Zeus swooped down and took him to Olympus where he was made an immortal.
Comment 10 Comment by Edward T on 01 Jan 12 at 7:41pm | Quote this comment

Zeus is the son of Cronus, the man who overthrew his father to take control of the lands, heavens and everything in between. Cronus was afraid that his children would do the same to him, so every time his wife had a baby would swallow it whole. He went on swallowing all the babies that they had, but when Zeus was born his wife played a tricked on him. She found a big stone and wrapped it up in a shawl given it to Cronus so he could swallow it, hiding Zeus in a cave. As Zeus grew so did the babies in Cronus's stomach.

When Zeus was a grownup he wanted to free his brothers and sisters. So he arranged for Cronus to be given some herbs that me him very sick. He open his gigantic mouth and out came Zeus brothers and sisters as well as a big stone. Cronus's children were very very angry at him for trapping them for so long.They chased him away and he was never seen again.

With Zeus now in control he called to his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, to help him rule the Earth and sky, sea and the underworld. To divide these places he put into his helmet a sapphire for the Earth and sky a turquoise for the sea and a Ruby for the underworld. Zeus was the most powerful so he closed his eyes and picked first, the sapphire came out of the helmet. Poseidon picked the turquoise and Hades picked the Ruby and that was how the universe was divided.

But the Titans, who were Zeus's aunts and uncles, didn't agree at all, they thought they should get a share of the universe so they made an army to fight Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus and his siblings immediately freed the Cyclopes and the hundred-armed monsters to help him. They were so gratefiul that they made presents for the brothers, for Zeus they made thunder and lightning bolts making him so powerful that no one could stand against him, for Poseidon they made a trident that could cause earthquakes and tidal waves and for Hades they made a helmet of darkness so he could creep up on his enemies without being seen. The Titans were soon beaten and Zeus and his brothers went on to rule the universe forever.

I like Zeus because he is great man powerful enough stand up against any evil plus that he is kind and affectionate with a heap of potential.
Comment 11 Comment by Mr Bailey on 02 Jan 12 at 12:11pm | Quote this comment
Happy New Year Everyone.

Thank you to those of you who have already attempted the home work - well done on your efforts so far. However, I wonder how many of you have just plagiarised someone else's hard work. Can anyone tell me the difference between 'magpieing' and plagiarism - first to reply gets 5 table points.

To those of you who haven't yet posted your home work, please make sure that it's ALL your own work and you don't just cut and paste someone else's into our blog.

See you all soon

Mr Bailey
Comment 12 Comment by Jasmine F on 02 Jan 12 at 2:38pm | Quote this comment
Plagiarism is when you take someone elses work or research and call it your own and magpieing is when you use small peices of information from other peoples work as inspiration.

And happy new year to you Mr Bailey.
Comment 13 Comment by Jasmine F on 02 Jan 12 at 3:03pm | Quote this comment

We all know what a mermaid looks like, it is half human half fish, the top half of her is female and the bottom half is fish, instead of legs like us she has a tail and she can breathe under water.

Even though we may see Mermen in films people belived there were only Mermaids.
The word Mer is french for "sea" and maid means girl or woman.

Mermaids are thought to be bad luck, despite the fact that they were supposed to be very beautiful, for they would sing to sailors on board a ship to tempt them to jump into the sea, then the Mermaid would grab the sailor and drag him down to the bottom of the sea so he would drown. Then the Mermaid would eat him which isn't a very nice way to die.

Mermaids are linked to the animal Manatees because of their long fish like tails. Sailors would see the manatee and think of a mythical Mermaid.

I dont like the sound of these pretty yet dangerous creatures because of their sneaky ways.
Comment 14 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Jan 12 at 7:59pm | Quote this comment
Well written, Jasmine!

Class NZ: Plagiarism is not something we encourage on the blogs as it is passing off someone else's work as your own... and that's not fair to them. Please write your own thoughts, folks. Afterall, how will you ever get to become better writers if all you do is copy other people's work?
Comment 15 Comment by Anna B on 03 Jan 12 at 10:15am | Quote this comment
Grace O'Malley.

Grace O'Malley was the queen of pirates. This pirate was born on Clare island (Ireland,)where her dad was working as a chief for the local family,which was in the 1500's.

When Grace O'Malley's father died, she inherited his ship. She began using it in legal trade but then suddenly, no one knows just how it happened, she turned to piracy (which is robbing or stealing from other ships) then she eventually lead a crew of 200 people, in robberies of ships all around the west coast of Ireland.

Twice the queen of the pirates was captured and got put in prison by the British for stealing and robberies. I don't think all myths and legends are well behaved!
Comment 16 Comment by Emily J on 03 Jan 12 at 12:09pm | Quote this comment
wow some great writing!
Comment 17 Comment by Jamie C on 03 Jan 12 at 2:35pm | Quote this comment
I have chosen Robin Hood as my legend because he is a well known person. He was a good hearted outlaw who lived in medieval England, in Sherwood Forest with Friar Tuck, Maid Marion and his band of men. Robin Hood was a very good archer.
I like him because he was a hero to the poor and put his life at risk to help them. He is famous because he stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor.
His strengths were helping the poor but he did this by stealing and robbing which was his weakness.
Comment 18 Comment by Max W on 03 Jan 12 at 6:50pm | Quote this comment
I have chosen Theseus as my Legend.

Theseus was a prince and the son of the king of athens.Athons kept being atacked by king minos of crete.
To stop being atacked the king of athens said he would send 7 boys and 7 girls to Crete every 9 years.
These children were fed to the minatour.The minatour was a horrible creature that ate people.When the children were sent everone was crying exept the mintoar who coudnt whatt to divowure the children.

Prince theseus became famous because he was brave enough to volunteer to be the 7th boy to go to be eaten by the monster.But he didn't want to be eaten he wanted to stop the horrible terror and kill the monster. He sailed to Crete with 7 girls and 6 boys.
When they got there king Minos of crete and his daughter met them all.They sead you will not be eaten til tomorow so they could relax in the palace.
Theseus's strength was his courage-He managed to kill the monster and save the children and take them back to Athens.He was also cunning. He maniged to leave king minos's daughter sleeping on an island so he didnt have to take her back to athens.

I like Theseus because he was propeard to give up his life for the people.

This is why i have chosen him
Comment 19 Comment by Isobel R on 03 Jan 12 at 8:09pm | Quote this comment
The Lock Ness monster

The myth of the lock Ness monster started out when a man died swimming in the River Ness by being dragged into the water by a big creature. This was written in the 6th centery by Saint Colomba.It was not reported again until a large monster,now known as the Lock Ness monster, walked in front of Mr and Mrs Spicers car in 1933.

The thing I like most is that there are loads of different things that it could be. A plesiousaur,a type of dragon or a sea serpent. Even though there have been pictures and sightings the most recent search by sonar in 2003, found no large animals in the loch.

So that's why I chose the lock Ness monster it probably is a myth!
Comment 20 Comment by Archie D on 03 Jan 12 at 10:16pm | Quote this comment
I have chosen the Loch ness monster.

People believe there is a huge monster living in Loch ness, Scotland. Her nickname is Nessie.

The first ever sighting of Nessie was 565 AD by st Columba and the most recent viewing of her was in 2007.

Loch ness is the largest freshwater lake in the British isles. It also has a average depth of 450 feet. So it is the perfect place to hide if you are a monster like Nessie.

Nessie has been described as having a tall thin neck and a body length of about 6 feet with flippers. The description of Nessie is well matched with the Plesiosaurus.

Nessie has her own museum and merchandise. Thousands of tourists visit Loch ness in hope to spot her. Meanwhile many other people believe she is just a fairytale.

By Archie D-G
Comment 21 Comment by Sam M on 04 Jan 12 at 7:29am | Quote this comment
The knights of the round table

among the many knights of the round table thear are more lesser known knights than well known ones. Such as Sir Kay,Sir Bevidere and Sir Geraint but the one I'm looking at is Sir Gawain.

Some people believe that Sir Gawain was the nephew of King Arthur but the real reason that he became part of the round table is because he was head of the Orkney clan he was well known for his courtesy and chivalry - I had to looked chivalry up in the dictionary to find out what it meant and this is what it meant to be generous,being polite,giving,being brave and good with a sword -

Sir Gawain turned on his once best friend Sir Lancelot after after Sir Lancelot accidentally killed Sir Gawain's brother's.

He was famous because he was head of the Orkney clan,his strengths are his chivalry and his courtesy,the reason that I like him is that he is good with a sword which makes him a good warrior and his greatest weakness was his inability to forgive Sir Lancelot after accidentally killing his brother's.
Comment 22 Comment by Lillie W on 04 Jan 12 at 4:00pm | Quote this comment
The Ukobach

The Ukobach or Urobach is described as the “Demon of inferior order.”(This means he is lower ranked than other demons.) He is shown with a flaming or red body, large eyes and ears and often a pan of coals or a hot poker. He is said to be the inventor of fireworks and the frying of food. His task given to him by Belzebuth is to maintain the oil in the infernal boilers, which is made by the blood of the damned, “forged in the west where the sun sets.”(Which means it is made illegally in the west.)

The Ukobach is a European demon, which lives in the very depths of hell. This small monster is only said to start the fires in hells boilers, and is a lesser demon. With an interesting appearance and strong loyalty to demons that control them, consequently his personality surprises some people.

Appearance and personality:
The Ukobach have a goofy yet strange look to them. They have a very small body and are short, with an incredibly thin build and an extremely large shaped head. An Ukobach’s nose is huge and wide and with flared up nostrils to complete their cheeky grin. Their ears are long and sharp with the look of a stereotypical demon or devil; also they are always carrying their trusty shovel with which they dump coals into the burning furnace of hell. Furthermore they are normally pictured with a hot poker. Their tail is lengthy with a sharp point and their feet are long and clawed. Overall their appearance is more exaggerated and silly compared to a hideous devil. Their personality is mischievous yet they follow the direct orders of the other demons. They are said to have a small frumpish laugh.

The Myth of Ukobach:
In much of Europe's mythology surrounding Hell, the Ukobachs are ever present and are always ready to serve the higher demons. He maintains the oil in the burners which is "made of the blood of the damned" and he keeps Hell nice and hot for the fallen souls who soon dwell the bottom reaches. He takes his direct orders from Belzebuth, but he will follow orders of any other demon that is higher than he. Ukobachs are usually all around the bottom of Hell, filling up more than one boiler. In some legends, he was the one who created the spark of fireworks as well as fried foods.

My opinion:
The Ukobach appealed to me because of its appearance. I like the big ears and the face shape. But another reason is; it is a demon. Furthermore, I feel like the Ukobach has an interesting number of stories to tell. Like he has a mischievous personality but still he takes orders from higher demons. But I believe he only does this because he has to. Also, he is a lesser demon and Belzebuth and others that give orders to him are higher demons.
Comment 23 Comment by Anna G on 04 Jan 12 at 4:13pm | Quote this comment

Athene is the greek goddess of Wisdom and War. She is often seen wearing a gleaming gold helmet while she smooths down her silk cloak , that is as purple as an aubergine. She grips a spear tightly in her right hand.

The owl was her special bird and she was patroness of the olive crop.

Athene has a rather short temper that appears in many of the myths about her.My favourite thing about her is how she always shows her sorrow. Like when she once had a great friend, Pallas,with whom she was practising fighting, using spears, and she killed him by accident. To show her sorrow she put his name before her own . After that she was sometimes known as Pallas Athene.

By Anna G.
Comment 24 Comment by Oliver H on 04 Jan 12 at 4:23pm | Quote this comment

I have chosen a dragon as my mythical creature because they appear in many stories and movies.
Dragons are usually found in stories were they are bad. The often take a princess and a brave knight goes out to fight the dragon. They have a body like a huge lizard and usually they can fly. They breath fire and they also sometimes shoot poisen out from their nostrils. But in China they treat Dragons in a good way because the dragon here has power and majesty. The dragon festival is most commen in China. They even do dragon boat racing.
The Welsh flag has a red dragon on it. In Welsh mythology the red dragon beats the white dragon which means Wales defeats England ( Saxons).
Comment 25 Comment by Sarah C on 04 Jan 12 at 5:04pm | Quote this comment
Daedalus was a famous architect, inventor and master craftsman he created many objects that figure frequently in various myths (he also created the labyrinth and wings). For a short time, his apprentice was his sister's son Perdix. One of the most well-known story about Daedalus, is one that involved his son, Icarus as well.
Daedalus and his son had upset the king so Daedalus had very cleverly made wings out of wax and feathers and then had made some for his son so they could fly away from danger. Daedalus ran to explain the plan to Icarus warning him not to fly to close to the sun because the heat from the sun would melt the wax and the wings will fall apart .But Icarus forgot his father’s warning and went too close and plummeted to the water and died.

I like this legand because it has a moral in it, which is always listen to what people say.

happy new year everyone :P
Comment 26 Comment by Dylan B on 04 Jan 12 at 5:51pm | Quote this comment
The Minotaur

A long tine ago lived a terrifying monster called the Minotaur he ate humans.
No humans would go into the Tertiary of the Minotaur and get out alive.

The Minotaur had a bull head and a humans body.
The Minotaur was born Queen pasiphae of Krete after she had coupled with a bull.

The Minotaur lived in a labyrinth,a twisted maze.
He was offered children and ladies to eat when he was hungry. People thought these sacrifices
would stop him getting angry.

The hero Theseus killed the Minotaur and no human was ever scared to
see the Minotaur ever again.

By Dylan
Happy new year :P :P :P
Comment 27 Comment by Isobel B on 04 Jan 12 at 5:52pm | Quote this comment
Morgan le Fay.

Morgan Le Fay (other wise known as Morgana or Morgane) was a powerful witch.(Le Fay means fairy in French.) She and King Arthur were half brother and sister. She lived on the Isle of Avalon, which is now called Glastonbury, also she had 9 sisters. She was a shape shifter which meant she could change from a fairy to an old hag, or an animal. She HATED King Arthur and used her evil powers against him. In later stories she became a member of the round table.

I admire Morgan Le Fay because although she could not stand up to and defeat her brother she never gave up, and she was cunning too. I’d love to have her shape shifting power, wouldn’t you?
Comment 28 Comment by Jack T on 04 Jan 12 at 7:43pm | Quote this comment

Merlin was a powerful wizard.
When King Vortigern attempted to use Merlin as a blood sacrifice in building his castle, Merlin told Vortigern why the castle would not stand and prophesied the fall of Vortigern and the rise of the Britons against the Saxons by correctly telling him about two fighting dragons under the foundations of the castle. Vortigern made Merlin his magician and Merlin went on to prophesie the birth and reign of King Arthur as saviour of Britain. Once Arthur had succeeded his father Uther as King, Merlin acted as his advisor and mentor.
Arthur was killed at the battle of Camlann, when his sword Excalibur became separated from it's scabbard, making it possible for Mordred - son of Morgan Le Fay, to kill him. Merlin disappeared at that time and was not seen again. Some people believe that Arthur and Merlin will return when Britain needs them most.
I like Merlin because he was an extraordinary magician and a very noble man.
Comment 29 Comment by Rachel H on 04 Jan 12 at 8:46pm | Quote this comment

The legend of Pandora comes from Greek mythology.
Pandora was first made out of clay and brought to life by the god Zeus as a punishment for the two brothers Epimetheus and Prometheus for upseting all the gods.

Pandora was sent to marry Epimetheus, Zeus gave her a wedding present of a golden box, Zeus told Pandora never to open the box and Pandora made a promise that she would never open the box.
One day some time later Pandora was so curious that she would break her promise and open the box.
She was expecting to find silver, gold, jewels and silk but what came out of the box were all of the nasty things in the world, things like disease, poverty, death, misery and sadness in the shape of wasps and stung her.

Her husband Epimetheus rushed in after hearing her cry out as she shut the box, they both heard another voice asking to be let out of the box, they were afraid at first but agreed that thay should open the box as it couldnt be any worse, when the lid was opened hope came out inthe shape of a dragon fly and healed up all of her nasty stings.

I think that Pandoras weakness was her curiosity which caused a lot of trouble, but when bad things happen there is always hope.
Comment 30 Comment by Anna G on 05 Jan 12 at 4:37pm | Quote this comment

Persephone is the goddess of spring while also being Queen of the Underworld. She was kidnapped by Pluto, King of the Underworld, and forced to live in Hades. Her mother, Demeter, Goddess of plants and and harvests let everything die in grief at Persephone being away. Zeus tries to get her back but because Pluto had already tempted her to eat some pomegranate seeds he can only arrange for her to be retrieved for half of the year (Spring and Summer). The other half of the year she spends in Hades while on Earth it is Autumn and Winter because of Demeter's sadness.
It is a good story to explain about the seasons and how they were made.
by Anna G
Comment 31 Comment by William Sa on 05 Jan 12 at 4:59pm | Quote this comment
I have chosen Apollo

Apollo is the god of mucic, healing, plague,propherises, poetry and archery. Assoseated with light, truth and the sun. He is a twin brother to Artimes and Hermises older brother and the son of Zeus and Leto. He was described as a verry handsome, beardless youth with long hair he had acssesories such as a laurel wreath ,bow and a quiver. Annimals scarced to him are dolphins, row deer, swans, cicades, hawks, ravens,crows and snakes.

by william
Comment 32 Comment by Ebony J on 05 Jan 12 at 5:06pm | Quote this comment

The unicorn is a legendary creature with a horse body and a spiral horn on its forehead . The unicorn got its name from Latin words, cornus is Latin for horn and uni means the number one. The unicorn’s blood and horn is said to have mystical healing properties.

It was believed that the unicorn started off as a goat and over many years it formed into the single white horse it is known as today. The unicorns magnificent spiral horn was known as the ‘Bane of evil.’ The horn itself could kill any creature that came into the unicorns sight.

The unicorn was first mentioned by the Ancient Greeks then went on to be the most imaginary animal in the Middle Ages.
Comment 33 Comment by Dylan B on 05 Jan 12 at 6:09pm | Quote this comment
Great work guys :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Comment 34 Comment by Archie Y on 05 Jan 12 at 7:05pm | Quote this comment
The name of my chosen character is John Lambton.

Why is he famous?
He is fameous because he killed the Lambton Worm.

What did he do?
He went fishing on a Sunday morning and missd church.He cort a small worm like creature. He thought it was worthless so he threw it down a well. He forgets about the creature and goes and fights in the crusades. Meanwhile the creature grows bigger and longer and out of the well. Then the creature scares everybody and eats cows, sheep and little children.
John Lambton herd about his fathers land and came back and saw it was destroyed. He decides to kill the creature, so he asks a wise woman how to do it. She says he has to kill it in a river. He killed the worm creature in the River Wear.
The legend was set in the North East and there is a hill that the worm wrapped it self round and today you can still see the markings of the worm. There is a famous song about the legend.

Is there a downfall?
The wise woman also said that he must also kill the first thing he sees after he kills the creature or he will be cursed for nine generations. But he saw his father first and didn't kill him, so the curse happened.
Comment 35 Comment by Saskia N on 05 Jan 12 at 8:58pm | Quote this comment
I am writing about Aslan from Narnia. I believe he is a legend. I think that he is a legend because he defeated the Snow Queen and saved Narnia from an ever-lasting winter. I also think Aslan's actions were legendary because he was willing to give up his life, to save Edward - who got them into the mess in the first place, including to save his land of Narnia.

And that is what a nice lion Aslan is, unlike the Snow Queen.

By Saskia N.

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