The Great British Bake off Round 2

Team NZ were at to again today! More team working skills, more amazing listening skills and even more hard work (and yes even more mess than last time!). Class New Zealand had another fabulous writing session today, which involved making Christmas Truffles! I wonder who will be the lucky recipients for these festive delights?

Ummm Chocolate!

'Everyday I'm Truffling...'

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Comment 1 Comment by Dylan B on 12 Dec 11 at 6:23pm | Quote this comment
That was very fun I can,t what to taste them
Comment 2 Comment by Lucy B on 24 Dec 11 at 11:29am | Quote this comment
That day was great. :-)
Comment 3 Comment by Oliver H on 03 Jan 12 at 5:18pm | Quote this comment
Wish I was there looks like you all had fun.

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