Welcome Worship at Saint Mary's

A massive thank you to all the responsible Year 6's for the efforts during Fridays rather wet and windy Welcome Service. I was so impressed with you all - what great role models you all are.
Thank you

Mr Bailey

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Comment 1 Comment by Jasmine F on 08 Nov 11 at 8:25pm | Quote this comment
I enjoyed walking my buddie down to the church even though shes a bit naughty
Comment 2 Comment by Abbie D on 09 Nov 11 at 4:22pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed walking to the church with my buddie.
Comment 3 Comment by Lucy T on 24 Nov 11 at 7:42pm | Quote this comment
The buddy welcome service was an amazing idea, Thanks for doing it! I really enjoyed walking my buddy down to the church, and welcoming her to our school!

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