'Making New Materials' or 'Making A Mess' ?

What an awesome start to the new half term! Team NZ and the rest of 5/6 had an explosive start with 'rocket making', 'self inflating balloons' and 'disappearing light' - Oh and let's not forget the diet coke and mentos experiment!

Check out the latest news section on the home page for some video footage of the day, but in the meantime here's a sneak preview of the scientists of the future....

The girls were 'well impressed' with their self inflating ballon.




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Comment 1 Comment by Julie Fussell on 01 Nov 11 at 7:08pm | Quote this comment
What a brilliant way to start the new term. The kids came out of school buzzing about the experiments they had done this morning. Pee pee boy seemed particulary popular! :-)
Fingers crossed for more science in the future.
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Nov 11 at 8:18am | Quote this comment
Thanks, Mrs Fussell. It was a really good morning organised by the Milepost 3 teachers and the children were amazing. This IPC unit is Science and Technology led (please see 'The IPC' section within the 'About the School' menu to read more about what the children will be introduced to this term) so expect more 'buzzing', hopefully!
Comment 3 Comment by Dylan B on 02 Nov 11 at 4:12pm | Quote this comment
looks like fun
Comment 4 Comment by Abbie D on 02 Nov 11 at 4:45pm | Quote this comment
Thank you Mr Bailey, Mr Herring and Mr Brooks for this fantastic opportunity.
I especially liked Pee Pee boy and also the mentos in the diet coke.
Comment 5 Comment by Lucy B on 03 Nov 11 at 7:09pm | Quote this comment
That day I really enjoyed, especially with the Pee Pee boy and also the diet coke.
Comment 6 Comment by Oliver H on 05 Nov 11 at 9:20am | Quote this comment
looks like it was fun wish I was there.
Comment 7 Comment by Abi B on 05 Nov 11 at 2:52pm | Quote this comment
it was a really fun day i hope others get the same opportunity
Comment 8 Comment by Mr Bailey on 06 Nov 11 at 4:42pm | Quote this comment
Thank you to all the wonderful children that keep commenting on the class blog. Please could you all remember to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember you can always go back and edit your comments.
Comment 9 Comment by Isobel R on 11 Nov 11 at 5:08pm | Quote this comment
Our deflating balloon did not really work because the coke came out of the bottle! I especially liked pee pee boy it was so funny.I also liked the mentos and coke trick it wasn't as good as the video though.Thanks Mr Bailey, Mr Herring and Mr Brooks for the great day.

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