Blue Coat girls do us all proud!

Seven kitted-out (in the Blue Coat pink!) year 5/6 girls made their way down to KLB this afternoon to represent our school in the Wotton and District 7-a-side football tournament. As their 'coach' I couldn't have been more proud! Although we missed out on winning overall, narrowly losing out to the British School, the girls played their socks off and can come away with their heads held very high. In fact, in my opinion the best half of football we played was when we were 2-0 down to the British School - the girls spurred each other on, dominating the second half, fighting for every ball until the final whistle blew. A fantastic afternoon of football from the Blue Coat girls - well done!

From Class New Zealand - Anna, Chloe, Lillie and Sarah - what was your favourite moment from this afternoon? Maybe it was a mazy dribble, a crunching tackle, or a wonder goal? In a couple of sentences, why not recount that moment and share it with all of us?

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Comment 1 Comment by Matthew T on 11 Oct 11 at 1:05pm | Quote this comment
It looks like the girls are having a wonderful time! I hope that they continue to bring us more wonderful victories!
Comment 2 Comment by Mollie M on 11 Oct 11 at 4:12pm | Quote this comment
Well done Anna, Lillie, Chloe and Sarah I heard you did very well.
Comment 3 Comment by Chloe B on 11 Oct 11 at 4:41pm | Quote this comment
I must admit the photo looks cool, except the factt that it was to windy so that blew my hair out of place.
Comment 4 Comment by Thomas S on 11 Oct 11 at 6:06pm | Quote this comment
Well done !
Comment 5 Comment by Ben S on 11 Oct 11 at 7:39pm | Quote this comment
Well done for the football girls!
Comment 6 Comment by Jasmine F on 13 Oct 11 at 9:28am | Quote this comment
Well done football team we are all proud of you.
Comment 7 Comment by William Sa on 13 Oct 11 at 5:43pm | Quote this comment
You did excellent!
Comment 8 Comment by Oliver H on 14 Oct 11 at 3:05pm | Quote this comment
wow! girls well done to all of you.
Comment 9 Comment by Dylan B on 20 Oct 11 at 6:04pm | Quote this comment
Well played girls I herd you did very well.
Comment 10 Comment by Isobel B on 20 Oct 11 at 7:06pm | Quote this comment
Well done girls, our school is very lucky to have talented football players!
Comment 11 Comment by Max W on 24 Oct 11 at 12:43pm | Quote this comment
Looks like you've been doing very well.

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