The trunk in between!

Tobias heart was pounding, his chest heaving. Nevertheless he didn't stop running until he was sure they were gone. He came to a sudden halt and collapsed on the trunk of a tree, and allowed the cool night air to fill his hot, wheezing lungs.As he sat,gazing,into the distance, he thought to himself,"It wasn't me that took those computers, so I have nothing to loose." But a new emotion had over come him. Worry. He was in an empty field he had never seen before, two fields away, lightening was striking and he was wearing a posh suit. So posh that it would draw attention to himself.

Sighing, he turned around to see the tree he was leaning on. It was knarled and rotten with a hole that looked like it might show what was on the other side. Being a child still, he pressed his green eye against the hole, expecting to see the brown, dusty field the other side. Instead he saw a miraculous thing that made his heart miss a beat. A forest, covered in white, crystal-like snow with the most beautiful girl standing in it. Her velvety, blonde hair reached halfway down her back, touching her light blue dress.

To be continued...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 25 May 16 at 10:47am | Quote this comment
Wow, Eliza! You've opened up a whole load of questions in just 2 paragraphs. It's certainly tantalising enough to make we want to read on and learn where this is going. More please! 8)

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