Hello everyone! its me again. Olly. Even when I leave primary, you still can't get rid of me! I just wanted to give year 6 some tips about KLB.

  1. It may be big at first, but don't worry! Most people on the first half term feel that way. But, you'll get used to it. I certantly have!
  2. If there are any problems, find your tutor or Head of year (HOY).
  3. Remember what week it is! the school timetable is set into 2 weeks. If you can't remember, go to the main reception and there will be a laminated card that will either say 'Week 1' or 'Week 2'. It's that simple!
  4. (Probably the most obvious and most important one on this list) REMEMBER YOUR HOMEWORK ON TIME!!!!(If unable to do at home for whatever reason, go to homework club. Monday to Thursday R12(Where most (if not all) will have I(C)T))
  5. Don't worry if you are asked to go to the HOY office. It can be for all sorts of reasons!
  6. If you forget money one day by accident, just say. but you will have to pay it back the day after.
  7. There are LOADS of clubs at KLB. from fencing(the sport) to chess. I am sure that there will be somthing you like.
  8. Remember your games kit.
  9. The library has a wide range of books! right now, I am reading the 'Skulduggery Pleasant' series.
  10. (Finally) Even if you hate a lesson, Do your best!

Thats all from me. I willl leave you with one of my most famous facts which probably won't help you in life, Hippopotamus milk is pink. Goodbye for now!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Brooks on 21 May 15 at 7:57pm | Quote this comment
Thank you Oliver for this post. I'm sure it will be useful for the year 6 to read. Glad to hear that you seem to be enjoying your year 7.

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