the invasion of chocolate

I walked into the room,barely able to stand. My legs shook. Row upon row of perfect tables were lined up precicly.I entered the exam room.It happened. custard pies flew everywhere,we were raided by pink wafers. It was the invasion of confectionary! The jammy dogers came in on a heavy assault, they ripped up the tables and threw them around. Cadbury bars flinged open the doors and slammed us to the baren floor...

Marshmallows splintered the doors into 1000 peices. They were no longer there. A toblerone airstrike hit the roof. Thousands upon thousands of roof tiles and dust covered the floor. We dived for cover. Sliding along the floor, I grabbed turnipscaliba . Supports of the school were grinded to dust. It was the war of the roses... literally. We were hammered to the floor. An abyss of violence raged on in the hall. I sliced a cadbury bar. That wasn't the end... It had just begun...



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