Achillies paused, as the armies of Troy stared at the wall of steel infront of them. The heavy armour of this iconic soldier was coated in the purist gold. He had god-like from head to heel and a sword as sharp as zeus's lightning bolt. He tossed his cape behind his back as he slowly drew a sword from is belt. His muscles pumped as he drew the blade of death from his leather leash.Spears of death were raised up high.Immortal walls as strong as zeus loomed before him. He breathed.Would he make it? Death. But,he is immortal. Right? One mistake, he was made immortal as a baby due to being diPped in the river as a baby... All exept one vital part of his body.

"Troops" Achillies boomed,"charge!"

The armies of troy charged into an abyss of violence. Where should he protect?Which was the vunerable part? Achilies sliced the first victim.

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