Silently, the radiant moonlight seeped past the shifting clouds. The night was dark, cheerless and unwelcoming. A figure with lightning -like rage but a good kind heart stepped out onto the crenulated road. Elegantly creeping, but to who or what… nobody knew for nobody saw.  

Silence. The gate wined in agony as it was pushed aside. Silence.  The frozen grass ,crunching under foot. Silence. Reaching the door she stared at the catastrophic remains of the rubble that lay before her: shattered glass, smashed tiles ,wooden structures reduced to splinters.  Opening the door, she saw ivy choking the space inside, dead rodents lay motionless and silent upon the floor. 

  She entered.  A gust of wind blew the door shut.  BANG.  Silence.  Black all around her, she gingerly fumbled forward, tripping, falling, falling but she didn’t stop – didn’t hit the floor- she just fell, descending rapidly down, down, down.  Then, silence.  Scrabbling to her knees, she felt blood trickle down her leg: the thorns of the ivy had peeled away most of the skin.  She stood up, in the darkness and realised where she was.  The tunnels of the monument lay before her like a maze.

A cry came from the end of the tunnel that she immediately recognised.  “Remember…” She ran quickly, quietly, picking up speed.  The cries grew louder and louder as she drew nearer.  Then she remembered, it was Tom.  Tom’s voice, her brother.  Her only brother crying, crying for help that wasn’t possible.

Suddenly, the passage opened up into a cavern.  Tom was there, huddled into a ball in the corner.  Scared.

“Run, Elizabeth.  RUN! It’s a trap – get out of here!”

Spinning around, she darted for the exit.  CRASH.  A metal gate plummeted to the ground, blocking any escape.Then a voice, a voice she knew only too well.

“Elizabeth Hunt you are trapped, and always will be…”

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Comment 1 Comment by Maria Gore on 28 May 14 at 11:11am | Quote this comment
A pleasure to read this piece of work. :-)

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