chapter 4 the day of decisions



Their feet kept tripping over in the pot holes as they were trying to recount on the conversation they had just had with Aaron. So where were they? One minuet they were in the woods then they were in the middle of a town. "Firstly," Robin announced to his cowering sister,


"We find someone, preferably a gentle looking being. Then you go up to them and ask them where you are, hopefully they will take pity on you and they will not just tell you where you are but offer you some food."


Clarence just stood there dumb-founded her mind was buzzing as though there were a whole nest of wasps inside of it. Finally she spoke up, "Why does it have to be me?"


Robin answered practically strait away, he just whispered, "Your much more adorable and resistible than me!"

It took a while to come to a conclusion, but after precisely 19 minutes they had come to a decision, Clarence was going to do what her brother had.

by Peggy, Izzy and Ellie

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