My 500 word story...

                             In the deep deep blackness

Fog cloaks the whiteness of my imprisoned head. As if in the smallest of cells I am constrained from doing the simplest of things: scratching myself or lifting an arm. What is wrong with me? Nothing is responding. All I can do is catch glimpses of feared and sacred moments buried deep in my past. Is this what it is like to die? Never to see the bright rays of sun floating in through the open door. To be trapped forever in my own head.

"Stop! You have to stop. Someone is bound to find us!" I wailed, hoping that he would hear me. My feet are stumbling and tripping over the hacked rubble. What would my parents think? I bet they would be disappointed, ashamed, or frightened even, especially after what had happened to Effie.


No. No. Don't think about it. Don't start crying. You are in the mine again but you must keep yourself together, Milena. Stay strong. Keep your eyes on where you are going. You can't lose Brody again. Brody. The only person I can trust. Brody. My only proper, true friend. The torches are gradually going out. Groaning pit props hold up the rock that weighs down upon us, waiting for the right moment to collapse, to destroy all the hope we carry. I can just make out his tangled hair in the fading light. "Brody, Brody!" I pleaded "slow down, we must stay together."


I fear that this is the last time I will ever see his face again. That the last thing I will remember will be the shouts and cries of every innocent soul down here. One confused, deafening, helpless scream. And now in this confined space of my own head the helpless cries continue to whirl round and round.

How can I know whether anyone can help me? Is that shrill pleading really me, trapped and barely alive beneath the unimaginable mountain above, alone and far from home, in the deep deep blackness?

Without any warning I hear an earth trembling roar coming from above. Little cracks start to infest the space above me. All I can hear is a terrifying, crunching sound as the cracks pierce through the roof. First, small pieces of rock fall ,growing ever larger as the air thickens with dust. Can that be Brody’s voice I hear? “Millie! Millie!”


“Millie! Millie! Wake up!” A familiar voice intrudes , ‘come on you’ll be late for school. On your first day back as well. Even your younger brother Harry is ready. Up! You’ve got 5 minutes.’ Uugghh high school already. I limply drag myself out of bed. Surely I’ve got another day left! 

Written by Ellie

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