Hidden By A Boulder Chapter 4 - Destiny Plays Its Part



I slept very well the night before we had planned to go back home, as I was having a rather stressful and vexing time here. I expect Jack was the same, as he was having an even rougher ride than I was. We were both ready to go home to are "normal" lives come the evening we would be gone. Or so

It was 2o'clock and we were supposedly on a walk in the garden, but really we were running at full speed towards that stinking muck heap where the time sequences met, in the heart of time itself… We raced to the top of the heap of you know… dung, although my pace was slowed by my heavy garments and gargantuan bloomers, giving Jack an unfair advantage over me. However long it took us we got there, and with much struggling and sweating we got to the top, and, quicker than a wink we were sucked up by the spiral of time and whisked off back home, or so we thought…

By Jenny W, Susie Y and Nelly P.

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