The tale of the 13th labor part 1

                               The god of fire by lucy and olivia

Below the thunderous clouds are the mountains of fire. The last labor sits on the edge of hercules' finger tips. Hercules was stood before the entrance. where the mithical beast lived. Roars of stress echoed in the cave. Wonders slithered through his powerful vaines. He could sence this monstrous creature wasn't delightful. A booming voice shook the floor. Someone was guarding the cave, while dangerously arguing with the golden pheonix. Medusa.

" Your a snake headed monster,medusa, don't mess with my errupting temper!"  Hercules and his saphire eyes jumped.

The noise was so loud. It nearly woke the gods. Miraculous shades floated in the azure sky. Colours mixing in the fire-crackling sunlight. Sweat trickled down his smooth forehead. He needed to make a move quickly, but after analising the situation. Medusa had went, she knew nobody would come. Well, at least she thought nobody would come.



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Comment 1 Comment by Jennifer W on 26 Mar 14 at 12:34pm | Quote this comment
great description and well thought through aloso lots of tension
Comment 2 Comment by Susanna Y on 26 Mar 14 at 12:46pm | Quote this comment
:lol: Thrilling, exiting and brilliant dont even come close to this story! Its absoloutly amazing and i cant wait for more thrilling storys by Olivia and Lucy.
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Jones on 20 Jun 14 at 12:14pm | Quote this comment
Olivia, what a wonderful piece of descriptive writing!

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