Hidden By A Boulder - Chapter 3 - Marriage Unwanted.



Back in the mansion I had just got the exiting news of Jack’s marriage. Through the throbbing pain of the of the lashes I bore on my back. I had suffered terribly in the vicious hands of my father. The blistering whip marks across my back was sore proof of my downfall. “You shall be meeting Penelope Goodwill for afternoon tea on the veranda tomorrow at 2 o’clock on the dot. Remember, first impressions are everything.” Announced my snooty mother.


I was getting more and more infuriated with the stupidity of Penelope. Not being able to talk about the things I would with my own friends was bad enough, but even worse she was ugly, fat, and rather stupid. I had already eyed up many of creamy pies on the table. The ones Penelope hadn’t gobbled down. A cheeky grin spreading over my face. “More pie Penelope?”I asked, “Of course, I’m wasting away here,” came the drifting voice of Penelope. So I picked up the sickly custard pie. “Of course,” I muttered as I splurged the Thick creamy pie into Penelope’s already horrifying features. To shocked to scream Penelope tried to wipe the yellowy muck off her face, but she only succeeds in smearing it all over her brand new headdress.


“Back again so soon Hilda, what was it this time? Tell me!” came the stone hard voice of my father, I knew I couldn’t tell the him the truth: I’d be whipped till I dropped, I franticly searched for an answer the booming voice of my father rose again "spit it out woman!’’ without even thinking I shrank back in my seat and stammered ‘’th… th… they g… got angry a… and th…th… they um took the er, um, er took my purse.”


“So they attacked you with your desserts, and took the purse that is around your waist?!”


“Err… this is… err” But I could tell I was fighting the losing battle, my father‘s agitated voice rose again “Is there no excuse you can give me!?” I hung my head in shame. ’’So you lied and insulted me, by telling fibs!’’  ‘’no...Err …yes… umm…’’  ‘’I am thoroughly disappointed in you Hilda! Go to your chambers!’’ I stormed out of the room, annoyed but satisfied at my victory over Penelope.




I found Nim. I was rather lost, as I had never been in the mansion before I’d been wondering around in circles for an hour at least, but I did find Nim, and some very important information at the same time. As soon as I walked into her room, she burst out with it “You’re not getting married! You are not getting married!”


“What how did you manage that? Mother, yeah, mother sounded pretty certain when she told me.”


“Let’s just say, big pie, stupid girl, bad temper, splat.” Her voice trailed off as the smile on my face grew broader and broader, ‘’I’m so sorry about losing your true love,’’ said Nim sarcastically, teasing me was her favourite sport, especially when she was annoyed or angry. Then we heard footsteps plodding up the corridor, heading straight for Nim’s chamber, the footsteps grew louder as they got nearer, I made a desperate dive for under the bed, and made it just in time, a maid opened the door and walked in. Nim looked relieved, until she saw my leg sticking out from under the bed and gave it a sharp kick; it was all I could do to stop myself screaming. Nim was a very good kicker, even better in Hilda’s body. The maid was young and inexperienced, and she must have been very stupid, or brave, to ask, “Do you often keep spare legs under your bed Miss?”


“Urm… what do you mean? I think you must be seeing things. Now, what did you want?” Nim quickly covered up her mistake.


“Master wants to see you again now.”


Nim immediately looked worried, and quickly scurried down the corridor. The maid stayed. She immediately got down on her hands and knees peered under the bed. To my surprise only looked vaguely shocked. “Hi” she said and carried on. Hang on had she just said “hi”. I may not be very knowledgeable about history, but I knew the world had just got a period detail wrong. Or she was like us. She time travelled.           



"It's true Nim, she said 'hi'. I'm pretty sure it's not correct speech of a Victorian, maid or not. She must have time travelled. What's your explanation?"


"Don't 'ave one. She's a total weirdo?"

"Hhmmm lets just go home then I won't have to get married and you won't get told off."


"oh, fine. We'll go back to the morning."

By Jenny W, Nelly P and Susie Y.






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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Mar 14 at 1:35pm | Quote this comment
Wow! This is a stunning piece of narrative, Nelly. I love your writing style: beautiful vocabulary and meandering sentences. Brilliant. I can't wait for more...
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Jones on 03 Mar 14 at 1:27pm | Quote this comment
I agree with Mr Ryan - fantastic writing. I love the way you have used italics to support a clear voice of the narrator.

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