Chinese poem by Ellen and Ellie

Poem about Chinese New Year

By Ellen and Ellie


Chinese New Year is a very special time,

When it arrives the bells start to chime,

Sushi, noodles, prawns and snakes,

Using chopsticks and eating cakes,

It is that festive time of year,

That everybody likes to raise a cheer!

The paper-lit lanterns light up the sky,

So that everyone can see them, even the stars way-up high,

A dragon wanders through the streets,

Snarling at everyone that it meets,

The year of the horse has just arrived,

Their saviour Ao Ch’in is looking at everyone dancing and singing outside.





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Comment 1 Comment by Olivia B on 01 Feb 14 at 11:51am | Quote this comment
That's a very good and clever poem .Will there be another one?

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