Running Wild (Part 3)

PITTA PATTER PITTER PATTER it was raining hard Blue Bark was moving along at a slow pace which was all wet with dirty puddles.

“Right we stop here”

The place was a great, huge lake filled with sparkling water splashing everywhere. Everything was perfect fishes were gracefully jumping through the water.

“Right first lesson time to get your tins cans plus your saucers from you clawbacks” Ordered BlackStar .

“Done sir” replied BlueBark,PurpleBark and RedBark

“Now hold out all of the equipment and wait for the pray to leap in along with some water” said BlackStar.

“Now when you are done line up and we will go back to camp



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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 06 Feb 14 at 4:23pm | Quote this comment
Eloise, you have included some beautiful description here through powerful adjectives. I am really looking forward to part 4. I wonder if you can include some longer paragraphs of just description to add more depth to your speech?

Well done Eloise!

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