Anythings Out There

Chapter 3 The figure

Who was standing in there way? Scared out of their wits, they slowly started to crawl backwards not knowing who was grinning at them menacingly.
"Hi ya, m' name is Aaron- the meaning is a high mountain- cool, right'. Anyhow, what were you doing in the back of me van? There could be something in there that could break." spoke the man with a thick Jamaican accent.
"I'm sorry we woke up and we found our self's in here." said robin looking confused.
"That's probily me papa, e's always taking little kids, thinking there his own. Go shoo, I've told you all you need to know!" Aaron shouted while turning his back to the small faces staring wide eyed. "What about the rings of nails? Wait what does that mean, err, we need to know more about this mystery that were stuck in!"
"Whatever, jus' get out!"

To be continued...

by Isabelle, Peggy-Sue and Ellie

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