friendship by lexie and poppy.

What is a friend?

  • Someone that cares for you.
  • Someone that make you happy when you are sad.
  • Someone that stands up for others who are being mean to you.
  • Someone who would never share your secrets.

How to be friendly

  • Respect that friend.
  • Greet them when you see them.
  • Don’t be mean to that person.
  • Show them you are a true friend.

What to do when you are in a fight

  • Try and make up.
  • Don’t make it worse by saying mean things.
  • Don’t take away their friendship.
  • Just walk away if they are being mean.


Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Michelle B on 27 Jan 14 at 10:11am | Quote this comment
Good infomation Lexie and Poppy. :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Ellen B on 27 Jan 14 at 10:12am | Quote this comment
:D brilliant poppy it will really help younger children to make friends
Comment 3 Comment by Peggy Sue P on 27 Jan 14 at 10:13am | Quote this comment
Great idea for a way to show how to be a good freind and how to be freindly to one another. Well done poppy and lexie! :o

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