The Mythical island chapter 3

The kingdom was filled with icicles hanging down from the freezing marble roof. There was a massive fire in the centre of the room trolls gathering around it.

Tiffany was hung above bitter fire making nasty bubbles. Tiffany let out a huge scream “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me go!”

The trolls agreed that if she found the queen Allah corn they would set her free. “Fine. That’s a deal! But there is one little problem I don’t know where she is….” She awkwardly said. The master troll said “WELL FIND HER. I am going to give you one tiny clue so listen wisely. She lives in the crystal empire with loads of crystal Allah corns.”

Tiffany asked “Is she herself made out of crystal to?”

Oh yes of course that’s why it’s called “the crystal empire COME BACK WITH MY QUEEN ALLAH CORN” croaked the master troll.

Read on next week to find out if Tiffany does find the Queen Crystal Allah corn…

By Gwen and Michelle

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